Whether you are new to homeschooling, a veteran homeschooler, considering taking the plunge, or just looking for practical ideas for your student conventions and virtual events like our round tables are great places to gain information to help you get the most out of your experience.


Throughout the year we host a variety of free virtual events and attend a number of conventions. Check back frequently as we add events often.


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Great Homeschool Conventions – Ohio

Duke Energy Convention Center 525 Elm St., Cincinnati, OH, United States

Demme Learning is proud to be an exhibitor at the GHC Homeschool Convention in Ohio.

Grammar as the Key to Writing Potential

Online (Link in the description)

Free Virtual Event

Grammar is a subject many parents feel is boring and outdated, but we would like to change the conversation. You engage with your student grammatically every time you talk to them. Instead of considering grammar as something to dislike, what if you considered it a tool to help your student become a better writer? Join us for a lively conversation about using grammar effectively in your learning endeavors. We promise to take the sting out of the conversation.

Creating Emotional Intelligence in our Children

Online (Link in the description)

Free Virtual Event

Empathy. It is so often lacking in our exchanges in society today. But how do you teach it to your children? The ability to understand and share in others’ feelings is something unique to the human experience. As parents, how do we foster the conversations that create a safe space to explore emotional intelligence and grow it within ourselves and our children? Join us for an insightful conversation with Heather Frommack, MS, RDN, CPTD. Heather is a veteran homeschooling mom of five awesome kids—by birth and international adoption. Her mission is to help normalize unity amidst diversity through the portals of empathy, Cultural Intelligence (CQ), and relationships. In her previous role as HSLDA’s Director of Outreach and Educational Consulting, she collaboratively built their first multicultural outreach program, which continues the work of cross-cultural bridge-building today. She shares from a biblical perspective, scholarly support, and humbled humor about how empathy and compassion can be created, nurtured, and fostered within your family and the greater community.

MassHope Homeschool Convention

Sturbridge Host Hotel & Conference Center 366 Main Street, Sturbridge, MA, United States


Demme Learning is proud to be an exhibitor at the MassHope Homeschool Convention.

Join the Road to Discovery and Recovery for your Perfectionist

Online (Link in the description)

Free Virtual Event

We have countless conversations with parents about how they struggle with perfectionism, both in their students and in themselves. We're not experts, but we have been intentional in compiling thoughtful commentary and strategies to provide insight and action plans as you continue your journey. Use this as the framework for an essential discussion with your family.

Incorporating Virtual Reality into Your Homeschool

Online (Link in the description)

Free Virtual Event

Experiences—that is how the brain is wired to learn. To engage, from birth, with the world, learning through interactions with objects, spaces, and living elements. Yet somewhere along the way, the element of experience and fun has escaped the world of education. It's time to bring it back. It's time to engage kids with their curiosities, promote exploration, understand concepts, support social-emotional learning skills, and travel to faraway places without ever leaving home. With VictoryXR's Virtual Learning Platform, students can experience a wide variety of virtual learning environments without exceptional costs involved. Come learn how to explore a virtual world.