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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Social Justice: Righting an Injustice

While homeschooling may not be the first thing you think of when you think of social justice, it is one of its fundamental elements.

In the 1980s, my dad was one of the pioneers of homeschooling in America. In those early days, homeschooling was barely legal, or even illegal depending on where you lived and who was interpreting the law. My dad, Steve Demme, started lobbying in Georgia, connecting people and working to get the laws changed. Now, 30…
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Copyright Law and Its Implications for Publishers and Customers

Copyright laws and the restrictions of copyright statements are in place for good reasons. A copyright recognizes and rewards the hours of time invested and the creative genius that produced the work.

Humans love creating things. We write, draw, paint, play music, shoot movies, and code computer programs. Imagine painting a beautiful landscape. Purple mountains rise to the sky, and sunlight glitters on a lazy river wandering through golden wheat fields. Now imagine walking through a department store and noticing framed prints of your painting being offered…
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Enter the #BlockCreations Contest!

We want to see YOUR creative #BlockCreations!

The #BlockCreations photo contest is on hold at the moment; we will be updating it soon! Thank you for your patience.

The Call of the Wild: Teaching Kids to Love Nature

The more frequently nature is referenced in conversation and daily life, the more likely the value of nature will be imprinted on the minds and hearts of your children.

In many Native American tribes, an important rite of passage for boys on the brink of manhood was the “vision quest.” The boy would travel into the wilderness by himself and would spend his time fasting and seeking the vision that would reveal to him the purpose of his life. When he returned to the…
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Online Classes: An Educational Option Worth Exploring

When choosing an online class, the best match is going to depend on your and your student’s needs and the desired level of responsibility.

When I began my homeschooling journey 21 years ago with my firstborn, I wasn’t thinking about high school. With a five-year-old, my concerns were developing phonemic awareness, building number recognition, and instilling a love of learning. At that time, to my knowledge, our options when we reached high school would be to continue homeschooling with…
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Water, Water, Everywhere

Teach your kids that it matters where things like water come from and where they go after you are done with them and that every step along the way matters too.

Do you ever wonder where the rain goes once it rolls off of you roof? As our knowledge of our natural systems increases, the interconnectivity of our natural resources becomes more apparent which reveals the importance of this interconnectivity. Water is one of the building blocks of life. We need drinking water to stay alive…
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Teach Math-U-See Effectively With These Four Steps

Follow the four steps described in this blog post, and your Math-U-See student will be on the path to success.

If you are a long-time user of Math-U-See, you know that its recommended approach to teaching math is different than many other programs. If you are new to Math-U-See, you may be wondering how to use the program effectively. Follow the four steps described below, and your Math-U-See student will be on the path to…
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The Hunt for Wild Asparagus

It was a sunny but chilly day and few of us made it back dry but the memories were indelible and we spent the afternoon eating grilled fresh asparagus and swapping tall tales of our exploits.

“Dress warmly and wear something you don’t mind getting wet,” my dad said one morning. My dad was taking us hunting for the wild asparagus. I had read a bit about asparagus and I had eaten asparagus but hunting for asparagus was a new experience. The memory of hunting it is one I won’t ever…
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Spelling You See: Not Just for Beginning Spellers

Many students (and many adults) read well but struggle with spelling."

Some parents have asked whether Spelling You See is suitable for use with junior high and high school students who may read well but need more help with spelling. The answer is yes. Before beginning Spelling You See with an older student, however, it is important to understand how reading and spelling differ, how students…
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