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Monthly Archives: April 2017

What is the Order of Operations?

The order of operations is a convention that really began to take shape during the sixteenth century as algebraic notation developed.

My very educated mother just served us nachos. Every good boy deserves fudge. Roy G. Biv Mnemonics. Be it the planets in our solar system, the lines of the treble clef, or the order of the colors in a rainbow, most of us have relied on mnemonics to remember information at some point. We use…
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Math Journal Examples & Ideas

Having your student record his math activities through writing and sketching in a math journal can help reinforce his mathematical understanding.

What is a Math Journal? Whether you call it a notebook or journal, having your student record his math activities through writing and sketching can help reinforce his mathematical understanding. Writing about math processes and creating diagrams and pictures stimulates different pathways of the brain, more than computation in isolation will do. A math journal…
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Hands-on Learning Benefits

Hands-on learning increases student engagement by making connections between the classroom and the real-world.

I used to run around my childhood neighborhood with a small gaggle of girls. We would climb over fences, stealthily pluck roses from groomed gardens, and make believe that we were princesses or poor trapped maids or warriors burdened with great responsibility, depending on our mood. During the week, though, I was a first-grader in…
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Introducing Our New Zero Block Kit

Complete your Integer Block Kit with our new zero block! Available now with free shipping.

April Fools’! Are you mad? Read on for a make-up freebie! We’re really sorry for pulling your leg, but hear us out: there’s a very good educational reason why we don’t have a “zero block” in our Integer Block Kit. As Steve Demme says, “How can you represent nothing with something?”   But the concept…
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