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Monthly Archives: December 2017

Parents: You Are Smarter Than Screens

The time we share with our children is important for bonding and for academic success.

We are increasingly aware that early childhood is the best time for a child to build a foundation of learning. Parents play a crucial role and are “smarter than screens,” writes Laura Overdeck in her op-ed for U.S. News. Overdeck begins her article by asserting that when it comes to fixing underperforming schools, we’ve focused…
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Can Virtual Reality Transform Science Education?

Michael Bodekaer imagines how virtual reality can pair with science education.

When it comes to innovative teaching methods, few things rival flight simulators. Flight simulators cut down on safety risks by allowing students to gain proficiency before trying out the real thing and also minimize training costs. Entrepreneur and tech enthusiast Michael Bodekaer was inspired by the success of flight simulators in imagining how virtual reality…
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