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Analytical Grammar Joins the Demme Learning Family

You told us you needed a grammar program, and we listened! And that’s why we are excited to announce that we have added the Analytical Grammar curriculum to our family of products.

Conjunctions, Clauses, and Compounds – Oh my!

You told us you needed a grammar program, and we listened! And that’s why we are excited to announce that we have added the Analytical Grammar curriculum to our family of products.

Analytical Grammar is a systematic approach to language mastery that goes beyond memorization, equipping students to fully understand the mechanics of punctuation and word usage, and empowering students to intentionally structure their own writing.

We love Analytical Grammar because, like our math and spelling curricula, it invites students to gain mastery by learning concepts sequentially. In this approach, students are invited to parse sentences and apply the concepts they are learning in direct analysis of punctuation and usage. The flagship program fully covers:

• All the parts of speech and parts of the sentence
• Phrases and clauses
• Classic sentence diagramming (as a helpful tool)
• Rules of punctuation and capitalization
• Common usage errors

A Brief History of Analytical Grammar

In 1971, Robin Finley began teaching language arts, which she taught for 34 years in California, Alaska, and North Carolina before retiring in 2003. After her move from California to Alaska in 1981, the school at which Robin first taught did not want to purchase a dedicated grammar program for her to use so Robin decided to write her own. That was the start of Analytical Grammar. Over the course of twelve years, Robin continued to test out her curriculum in the classroom. And then in 1996, she was approached by a private school in her town, asking if the materials were for sale. The rest, as they say, is history.

Erin Karl, Robin’s daughter, grew up using her mother’s curriculum. After graduating from college, Erin was commissioned as an active duty officer in the Air Force. After her four years of active duty, she earned her teaching credential on the GI Bill and taught middle school language arts for several years, using Analytical Grammar with great success in her classroom. As the company grew, Erin became increasingly involved, eventually ending her teaching career to run the company alongside her mother. After her mother passed away in 2015, Erin ran the company herself for several years.

Since 1998, Analytical Grammar CEO Erin Karl has also served as a public affairs officer in the United States Air Force and Air Force Reserve. Now Lt. Col. Erin Karl, she has transitioned back to a full-time military role with the Air Force Reserve. As she looked into options for the future of her company, partnering with Demme Learning stood out as a natural fit.

The Story of Joining Demme Learning

Erin Karl and Ethan Demme have been friends for many years, and both grew up using the curriculum their respective parents wrote. They both also share the experience of being second-generation family business leaders.

Erin says:

I am so very proud of the curricula my mother and I wrote, and this move will ensure that her program will flourish and be available for generations of students while I can follow my passion and further my military career.

Ethan adds that he is “impressed with the rigor of the curriculum and compelled by its emphasis on conceptual mastery.”

To hear more from both leaders, watch this video of Erin and Ethan.

3 Reasons Why Analytical Grammar Fits The Demme Learning Philosophy

1) Analytical Grammar is Conceptual

Many approaches to grammar education emphasize memorizing punctuation rules absent any context, but without understanding parts of speech, clauses, and phrases, punctuation rules don’t make sense to students and are soon forgotten. Just like our math and spelling programs, Analytical Grammar focuses on mastering and applying concepts through workbook activities that help students to understand the “why” not just the “what” of whatever subject they are learning. We believe that conceptual understanding leads to mastery and success.

2) Analytical Grammar is Flexible and Student-Paced

Just like Math-U-See and Spelling You See, the Analytical Grammar curriculum does not correspond directly to grade level. Instead, there are several options available to ensure that each student gets the grammar education that they need when the time is right for both student and parent. Analytical Grammar can be completed in one year, or it can be successfully spread out over two or even three years. In addition, the Junior Analytical Grammar programs provide opportunities for younger students.

3) Analytical Grammar Invites Parental Engagement

Erin and Ethan both believe in the power of parental engagement, and that is why Analytical Grammar is designed to empower you as a parent to teach grammar to your student. Do you struggle with grammar yourself? No problem! You do not need to be a grammar expert to use this curriculum, and in fact, you can learn right alongside your student. That being said, older students can successfully go through Analytical Grammar on their own using the DVD Companions.

Learn more about Analytical Grammar on their website.

You told us you needed a grammar program, and we listened! And that’s why we are excited to announce that we have added the Analytical Grammar curriculum to our family of products.

About Demme Learning

Demme Learning is an independent family-owned and operated publishing company. Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Demme Learning has been providing innovative learning solutions for homeschoolers, parents and small group learning environments since 1990.

10 thoughts on “Analytical Grammar Joins the Demme Learning Family

  1. Debra

    Two of my favorite and highly recommended companies!! So glad to see them joining together. Wonderful people and wonderful curriculum. One of the extra benefits are Erin and Steve’s humor as they teach.

  2. Fancey

    I am wondering if Erin knows if this program works with a child with dyslexia, dysgraphia and add. We have spent the last two years attempting to master grammar. My daughter is now 13, almost 14, and she still struggles to give examples of nouns, adjectives, or verbs.

  3. Val

    One of the things I have appreciated about AG is that I have been able to use the program for all of my children that are spread out across quite a few years because the program isn’t updated every few years like other curriculum programs. So the teacher’s edition I bought for my now 26 year old is still usable for his littlest brother. Hoping this doesn’t change!

  4. Beth Adams

    This is wonderful! We love both Math-U-See AND Analytical Grammar. I am so excited to now have the products and support in the same place. Best wishes to you all!

  5. Glenn bowman

    I am interested in Analytical Grammar, but, am not sure where to start! I have 4 children who absolutely hate writing and grammar! The ages range from 8-16. Would the regular program work for all 4? I am sure that I am not the only one wondering. I am hoping that this will be the program that we have been looking for. We love Math You See and Spelling You See.

  6. Tiana Espinoza

    Excited to hear this joining of the two companies! We use both in our curriculum. And thank you for your humble honesty and transparency Erin. Wish you the best of luck!


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