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What Does It Mean to Be a “Tech-Wise” Family?

Andy Crouch’s latest book, The Tech-Wise Family, is filled with practical insights and advice about how technology is used in families.

A 2018 Pew Research Center survey has found that parents think teens spend too much time on their phones, and teens agree. The Atlantic reports: Fifty-four percent of the roughly 750 13-to-17-year-olds surveyed said they spend too much time absorbed in their phones, and 65 percent of parents said the same of their kids’ device…
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Math-U-See Manipulatives App

Visit your preferred app store today and get the Math-U-See Manipulatives App for your tablet device. Because homeschooling doesn’t always happen at home.

You love Math-U-See. Your kids are thriving with it, and building problems with the manipulatives makes everything so clear and understandable! But…Joey has quiz team, Sarah has soccer, and Jenny has dance. Taking the blocks in the van is a nightmare! But skipping math isn’t an option; neither is cutting out activities. What’s a busy…
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Ethical Algorithms | How Should Technology Work?

Until recently, we haven’t tended to think of the ethical significance of the algorithms we rely on as a society.

What Are Algorithms? Algorithms are the invisible track guiding our interactions with technology and social media. These algorithms are often really helpful: Google Assistant relies on algorithms that can track payment calendars to remind me when my credit card balance is due. Other times we question the algorithm; when Facebook’s newsfeed starts getting clogged with…
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Is Technology Harming Us? Tristan Harris Wants to Help

Tristan Harris is animated by the question of how 21st century technology is affecting us.

The Atlantic magazine has called Tristan Harris “the closest thing Silicon Valley has to a conscience” for his work as the former Design Ethicist at Google. Harris is animated by the question of how 21st century technology is affecting us, and he created the Center for Humane Technology in the hopes of “reversing the digital…
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5 Fun Summer Math Games

Explore numbers, shapes, measurements, and more with your children with these fun summer math games.

Summer offers parents and preschoolers time to enjoy the outdoors while still “stretching the brain.” The outdoor environment provides endless rich opportunities to build upon your child’s mathematical skills. Together, you can explore numbers, shapes, measurements, and more by trying some of these fun and easy guided activities or by simply asking the right questions…
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6 Fun Spring Spelling Activities

Spring spelling activities that are seasonal, easy, and play-based!

Talking, singing, playing rhyme games, reading aloud, and experimenting with writing and drawing with your child are great ways to establish a good literacy foundation. During the spring months, try some of these seasonal, easy, and play-based literacy activities to support and encourage your preschooler’s curiosity and confidence with spelling. Spring Spelling Activities 1) Water…
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Parents: You Are Smarter Than Screens

The time we share with our children is important for bonding and for academic success.

We are increasingly aware that early childhood is the best time for a child to build a foundation of learning. Parents play a crucial role and are “smarter than screens,” writes Laura Overdeck in her op-ed for U.S. News. Overdeck begins her article by asserting that when it comes to fixing underperforming schools, we’ve focused…
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5 Quick Tips for Taking Better Holiday Photos with Your Family

Take better holiday photos on your smartphone or DSLR this year with these quick tips.

Take better holiday photos on your smartphone or DSLR this year with these quick tips. Whether you’re using a smartphone, a DSLR, or a point-and-shoot to take your photos, these tips should apply to any photographer. 1. Shoot Moments and Poses Some of the best photos are taken when the subject isn’t expecting it. Look…
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Improve Parent-Teacher Communication with the Bloomz App

Bloomz is a new app that connects teachers and parents. Read about it in this blog post.

Your phone vibrates. A new alert shows a picture of your child in art class with a message from his teacher explaining that today they explored the paintings of Monet. Scrolling through the app, you notice that Friday has an event scheduled, and you suddenly remember that you have a PTA meeting. Bloomz is a…
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Our “Catchiest” Title Yet: A Parent’s Guide to Pokémon GO

A Parent’s Guide to Pokémon GO

The Pokémon GO mobile game is being played by millions, and parents need to know the benefits and risks. Read this short guide to learn more. What is Pokémon GO? Pokémon GO is a popular mobile game that was created by Niantic and released in July, 2016. It’s based on the popular Pokémon franchise that…
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