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6 Fun Spring Spelling Activities

Spring spelling activities that are seasonal, easy, and play-based!

Talking, singing, playing rhyme games, reading aloud, and experimenting with writing and drawing with your child are great ways to establish a good literacy foundation. During the spring months, try some of these seasonal, easy, and play-based literacy activities to support and encourage your preschooler’s curiosity and confidence with spelling. Spring Spelling Activities 1) Water…
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Do I Really Have Everything I Need for Upper Level Math-U-See?

How is a homeschooling parent to know what additional materials might be needed with the upper levels of Math-U-See?

It’s week three of a new school year. You purchased your Math-U-See Geometry curriculum months ago at your area convention, and you’re sure you have everything you need. You begin reading the Lesson 3 information on angles, and you’re suddenly seized with panic as the bolded words rulers and protractors leap at you from the…
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What Makes Spelling You See Unique?

Are you ready to try something unique? Learn about what sets Spelling You See apart.

If you’ve ever taught a struggling speller (or been one yourself!), you’re well aware of the feelings of frustration and failure these students face. They dread writing assignments because they know their papers will come back covered in red marks. They feel misunderstood when others trip on the errors in their writing and miss the…
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A Guide to Attending Homeschool Conventions

Attending a homeschool convention can be a challenge. This guide is offered to help you become the victorious conqueror of the homeschool convention.

In the “olden days,” when I was homeschooling, parents had to order from catalogs or go to a homeschool convention to purchase materials. For encouragement, we depended on co-ops and support groups. Now, online ordering and social media have made homeschooling much more convenient. Sections in this blog post: • 5 Reasons to Attend a…
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Top 4 Reasons Why Math-U-See Is Unique

Here are four things that, added together with the integer blocks, make Math-U-See.

You’re at a homeschool conference and you overhear a conversation between two parents. One is unfamiliar with Math-U-See. In describing us, it’s likely the other would say, “You know, the one with the blocks!” And we’re fine with that. Our manipulatives are at the heart of who we are. But they’re only the most visible,…
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Free Math Facts Songs & Activities

Download free songs, activities, coloring pages, and more to help your students learn math facts!

At Math-U-See, we believe that students should not just be taught how to do math, but also the why behind it. But that doesn’t mean that memorizing facts and formulas has no value; having math facts available on demand frees students to focus on new concepts and skills. Mastering addition facts is a critical part…
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4 Creative Activities for Reinforcing Place Value

Try supplementing and reinforcing the concept of place value with these creative activities.

Place value is a key mathematics concept for students to learn. The concept that numbers can be broken apart and put back together gives students a more solid understanding of how different operations work. Knowing when to exchange groups of units (ones) for tens, how to handle a zero in the hundreds place when subtracting,…
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The Homeschool Teaching Summit

Demme Learning is pleased announce that Ethan Demme is a featured speaker at the Homeschool Teaching Summit.

Demme Learning is pleased announce that Ethan Demme is a featured speaker at the Homeschool Teaching Summit, a free event hosted online this October 16-21. You can watch Ethan’s interview on trusting parents on Tuesday, October 17th at 2:00 pm CST. We hope you’ll join us! You can register for the summit here. More About…
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Help Families Affected By Hurricanes

Demme Learning wants to help any homeschooling families affected by hurricane Harvey or Irma.

Within the last few weeks, hurricanes have been hitting areas of the United States, leaving families to abandon their home and belongings. Hurricane Harvey devastated areas from Houston to Louisiana, and this past weekend, Hurricane Irma hit South Florida; both hurricanes are continuing to wreak havoc on the families in the affected areas – but…
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Vote for The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine Excellence Awards

The annual The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine Excellence Awards are going on, and we would love it if you would take a few minutes to vote for us.

The annual The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine Excellence Awards are going on, and we would love it if you would take a few minutes to vote for us. The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine Excellence Awards are awarded to the companies or curricula that you and your fellow home educators feel are the best of the best in…
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