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Build a Strong Math Foundation with Math-U-See

A solid math foundation in basic math concepts is essential to future success in mathematics.

According to BBCNews.com (May 5, 2016), the number-one reason a building collapses is because the foundation is too weak. In the article, a civil engineering professor from Nigeria notes the two things that should be considered when building a foundation: 1) Solidity of soil. 2) heaviness of the building and its contents. The most famous…
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5 Summer Math Tips

Here are five summer math tips to keep your child's math skills sharp during the summer months.

Keep your child’s hard-earned learning from slipping down the “summer brain drain”. Here are five summer math tips to keep your child’s math skills sharp during the summer months. 5 Summer Math Tips 1) Explore Math Concepts with Blocks If your child will be starting Math-U-See for the first time in the fall, allow them…
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Are We Ready for Algebra 1?

Algebra 1 is an opportunity for many students to pause and learn personally what they need when facing a subject that does not come easy.

There is a reason I have the word WE in the title. So often, this is where many parents assume they will not be able to support or continue as their student’s math teacher. However, I suggest this is the best opportunity to hang in there. Modeling to your student how to approach material you…
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How Do You Use Math-U-See? [Lesson Plan]

This blog post presents one family’s lesson plan for working through a Math-U-See lesson in a week.

While Math-U-See is a mastery-based math program, it does follow a predictable pattern; this allows it to easily fit into the rhythm of many of our customer’s weeks. This blog post presents one family’s lesson plan for working through a Math-U-See lesson in a week; you can tweak to fit your individual family’s schedule and…
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Memorizing Math Facts with Steve Demme [Video]

In a recent webinar, Steve Demme talked about some great strategies for memorizing math facts.

In a recent Math-U-See webinar our founder Steve Demme took some time to talk about Math-U-See’s philosophy in his own words. He also provides some great strategies for nailing down those math facts. Here’s what he had to say: I’m going to start with a quick summary of the Math-U-See philosophy. This will be helpful…
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What Makes Demme Learning Unique?

At Demme Learning, we trust parents to make wise and loving decisions about their kids’ educations.

At Demme Learning, we trust parents to make wise and loving decisions about their kids’ educations. We don’t only trust homeschool parents, or public school parents, or any other specific kind of parents. Engaged parents are crucial to children’s success at becoming life-long learners, regardless of their selected method of instruction. Our primary goal in…
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How Much Parental Involvement is Needed in Math-U-See?

Does Math-U-See require hours and hours of parental participation in each lesson? How are parents empowered to inspire a love of learning?

So you’ve heard how awesome Math-U-See is, and now you’re wondering how involved your role is as a parent. First, let me say that every student is different; therefore, every homeschool routine will also differ. What every homeschool family can agree upon is that homeschooling is one of the biggest investments they will make for…
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6 Fun Spring Spelling Activities

Spring spelling activities that are seasonal, easy, and play-based!

Talking, singing, playing rhyme games, reading aloud, and experimenting with writing and drawing with your child are great ways to establish a good literacy foundation. During the spring months, try some of these seasonal, easy, and play-based literacy activities to support and encourage your preschooler’s curiosity and confidence with spelling. Spring Spelling Activities 1) Water…
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Do I Really Have Everything I Need for Upper Level Math-U-See?

How is a homeschooling parent to know what additional materials might be needed with the upper levels of Math-U-See?

It’s week three of a new school year. You purchased your Math-U-See Geometry curriculum months ago at your area convention, and you’re sure you have everything you need. You begin reading the Lesson 3 information on angles, and you’re suddenly seized with panic as the bolded words rulers and protractors leap at you from the…
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What Makes Spelling You See Unique?

Are you ready to try something unique? Learn about what sets Spelling You See apart.

If you’ve ever taught a struggling speller (or been one yourself!), you’re well aware of the feelings of frustration and failure these students face. They dread writing assignments because they know their papers will come back covered in red marks. They feel misunderstood when others trip on the errors in their writing and miss the…
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