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16 Tips for New Math-U-See Users

We’ve gathered 16 tips for new Math-U-See users like you. The best part – the tips are coming from actual parents using the curriculum.

Welcome to the Math-U-See community! Here at Math-U-See, we trust parents. Every child is different; we recognize that. That’s one of the reasons our curriculum gives parents the tools they need to teach their child successfully. We know no one knows your child like you. Although we give you the tools to succeed, there is…
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Math-U-See & Spelling You See Webinars

Math-U-See and Spelling You See Webinars

Let’s Build Lifelong Learners Together There’s a lot that goes into your child’s education and we want to help by giving you the tools you need to succeed. Since we have a lot to talk about, we’re breaking things down and giving you all the answers in our upcoming webinar series about our Math-U-See and…
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How to Present a Math-U-See Lesson

Different components work together to allow you to present a Math-U-See lesson.

At Demme Learning, we trust parents. That concept started with Steve Demme, the founder of Math-U-See. You may know a little about the program Steve considers his “baby;” you might even use it. But have you ever wondered why it’s in such a different order than other curricula, or why manipulatives are used all the…
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Your Child’s Math Experience is Not Your Math Experience

How often do we take our adult math experience and shove it onto a child, expecting them to conform to what has taken us years to accomplish?

“Your child’s math experience is not your math experience.” Oh my goodness, these are words I wish someone had said to me twenty-plus years ago! I became a homeschool parent because I knew my math skills were weak. I wanted more for my children, yet I had no idea how I was going to get…
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How to Use the Math-U-See Manipulatives

Many people wonder how they should use the Math-U-See manipulatives to teach math. If you don't use them properly, they are not going to be very helpful.

Many people wonder how they should use the Math-U-See manipulatives to teach math. If you don’t use them properly, they are not going to be very helpful. They are such an integral part of the Math-U-See program that it might be useful to understand Steve Demme’s intention in creating them in the first place. Steve…
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Math Manipulatives Aren’t Just for “Little Kids”

Educators have discovered that using math manipulatives helps students of all ages to learn new concepts and deepen understanding.

For many people, the mention of math manipulatives calls to mind using marbles for counting or craft sticks tied in bundles of 10 to illustrate place value. Once such elementary concepts have been learned, the role of hands-on math tools may be less clear. Educators have discovered, however, that using manipulatives well helps students of…
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Mastering the Math-U-See Math Test

The idea of studying for a math test can seem like a daunting task for you and your student. This doesn’t have to be the case.

The idea of studying for a math test can seem like a daunting task for you and your student. Even the word “test” can elicit emotions of fear and doubt. This doesn’t have to be the case. The first step in preparing and studying for a test in the Math-U-See curriculum is making sure you…
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Math-U-See Manipulatives App

Visit your preferred app store today and get the Math-U-See Manipulatives App for your tablet device. Because homeschooling doesn’t always happen at home.

You love Math-U-See. Your kids are thriving with it, and building problems with the manipulatives makes everything so clear and understandable! But…Joey has quiz team, Sarah has soccer, and Jenny has dance. Taking the blocks in the van is a nightmare! But skipping math isn’t an option; neither is cutting out activities. What’s a busy…
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3 Ways to Store Your Math-U-See Blocks

We wanted to share with you a list of storage options for the Math-U-See blocks that we have seen parents using over the years.

When you hear people talking about Math-U-See, no doubt the first thing you think of are the colorful math blocks. Well, maybe it’s that funny Steve guy in the videos, but the blocks are definitely the second thing you think about. 🙂 A post shared by Geneva Maxwell 🌿📚 (@maxwell_tribeof6) on Mar 27, 2018 at…
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12 Reasons Why You Will Hate Math-U-See

Math-U-See may not be your cup of tea. Here are 12 reasons why you will hate Math-U-See.

With almost 30 years of successfully teaching math the Math-U-See way, we’re pretty confident that there’s a little something for everyone in our program. But we’re willing to admit, we might not be for everyone. We’re all about empowering our customers, not about just making the sale, so here’s a helpful list of things to…
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