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2019 Homeschool Convention Guide

Attending a homeschool convention can be a challenge. This guide is offered to help you become the victorious conqueror of the homeschool convention.

In the “olden days,” when I was homeschooling, parents had to order from catalogs or go to a homeschool convention to purchase materials. For encouragement, we depended on co-ops and support groups. Now, online ordering and social media have made homeschooling much more convenient. However, there are still some really great reasons that homeschoolers should…
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Math-U-See is Too Repetitive!

"My student is telling me that Math-U-See is too repetitive; I'm not sure what to do."

My student is telling me that the Math-U-See curriculum is too repetitive; I’m not sure what to do. A key component to mastering any new skill or concept is sufficient amounts of practice. But often practice can feel dull and unexciting when there are all sorts of new things out there waiting to be learned.…
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Math-U-See’s Sequence is Confusing!

"I don’t understand why Math-U-See teaches concepts in the sequence that it does. Can you explain the value of your approach?"

I’m considering switching to the Math-U-See program, but I’m worried that your curriculum’s unique sequence will prevent student from having a smooth transition. Can you help? Depending on what skills your student has developed, this may or may not be a concern. As a first step, we have a free placement tool that will help…
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Math-U-See is Boring!

"My student is telling me that Math-U-See is boring! I’m not sure what to do! Can you help?"

My student is telling me that Math-U-See is boring! I’m not sure what to do! Can you help? There are a number of reasons your student might be feeling bored. As a first step, try and see if you and your student can pinpoint what is causing that boredom. Is the work too easy? Does…
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Math-U-See & Spelling You See Webinars

Math-U-See and Spelling You See Webinars

Let’s Build Lifelong Learners Together There’s a lot that goes into your child’s education and we want to help by giving you the tools you need to succeed. Since we have a lot to talk about, we’re breaking things down and giving you all the answers in our upcoming webinar series about our Math-U-See and…
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Math-U-See Manipulatives App Garners Award

The recent updates and expansion of the Math-U-See Manipulatives app earned an award for the Demme Learning team and our developers, d’Vinci Interactive.

The recent updates and expansion of the Math-U-See Manipulatives app earned an award for the Demme Learning team and our developers, d’Vinci Interactive. The Davey Awards honor the best in web, design, video, advertising, mobile, and social from agencies worldwide. We were recognized in the educational website category. The Math-U-See Manipulative Tool allows students to…
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How Children on the Spectrum Can Benefit from Multisensory Learning

While all students can benefit from multisensory learning, it can be particularly beneficial for students who have sensory or attention issues.

Benefits of Multisensory Learning Before we continue, it’s important to address the obvious question. You might be thinking, “Isn’t most learning multisensory learning? I mean, any time you’re engaging more than one of the five senses, doesn’t that count as multisensory?” Technically, yes it does. In literal terms, the standard fare of reading text and…
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16 Tips for New Math-U-See Users

We’ve gathered 16 tips for new Math-U-See users like you. The best part – the tips are coming from actual parents using the curriculum.

Welcome to the Math-U-See community! Here at Math-U-See, we trust parents. Every child is different; we recognize that. That’s one of the reasons our curriculum gives parents the tools they need to teach their child successfully. We know no one knows your child like you. Although we give you the tools to succeed, there is…
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How to Present a Math-U-See Lesson

Different components work together to allow you to present a Math-U-See lesson.

At Demme Learning, we trust parents. That concept started with Steve Demme, the founder of Math-U-See. You may know a little about the program Steve considers his “baby;” you might even use it. But have you ever wondered why it’s in such a different order than other curricula, or why manipulatives are used all the…
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Your Child’s Math Experience is Not Your Math Experience

How often do we take our adult math experience and shove it onto a child, expecting them to conform to what has taken us years to accomplish?

“Your child’s math experience is not your math experience.” Oh my goodness, these are words I wish someone had said to me twenty-plus years ago! I became a homeschool parent because I knew my math skills were weak. I wanted more for my children, yet I had no idea how I was going to get…
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