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Math-U-See & Spelling You See Webinars

Math-U-See and Spelling You See Webinars

Let’s Build Lifelong Learners Together There’s a lot that goes into your child’s education and we want to help by giving you the tools you need to succeed. Since we have a lot to talk about, we’re breaking things down and giving you all the answers in our upcoming webinar series about our Math-U-See and…
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How Important is Careful Handwriting in Spelling You See?

The goal of a Spelling You See experience is to have a student develop their long-term visual memory. How important is careful handwriting in that?

How important is careful handwriting in Spelling You See? When a parent asks this question, I know I’m speaking to a parent who really wants to see their child have beautiful handwriting like Laura Ingalls Wilder in Little House on the Prairie. I might have been that parent as well, having been kept after school…
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Can You Use Cursive with Spelling You See?

Parents often ask if a student can use cursive for Spelling You See in their copywork. We have the answer in this blog post.

Sometimes I imagine myself a fly on the wall of the Library of Congress, two hundred years hence. I see people standing around the hand-written Declaration of Independence puzzling about what it says, because they cannot read it. Reading cursive writing is becoming a lost art. Writing in cursive has fallen by the wayside of…
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What Makes Spelling You See Unique?

Are you ready to try something unique? Learn about what sets Spelling You See apart.

If you’ve ever taught a struggling speller (or been one yourself!), you’re well aware of the feelings of frustration and failure these students face. They dread writing assignments because they know their papers will come back covered in red marks. They feel misunderstood when others trip on the errors in their writing and miss the…
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A Guide to Attending Homeschool Conventions

Attending a homeschool convention can be a challenge. This guide is offered to help you become the victorious conqueror of the homeschool convention.

In the “olden days,” when I was homeschooling, parents had to order from catalogs or go to a homeschool convention to purchase materials. For encouragement, we depended on co-ops and support groups. Now, online ordering and social media have made homeschooling much more convenient. Sections in this blog post: • 5 Reasons to Attend a…
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Help Families Affected By Hurricanes

Demme Learning wants to help any homeschooling families affected by hurricane Harvey or Irma.

Within the last few weeks, hurricanes have been hitting areas of the United States, leaving families to abandon their home and belongings. Hurricane Harvey devastated areas from Houston to Louisiana, and this past weekend, Hurricane Irma hit South Florida; both hurricanes are continuing to wreak havoc on the families in the affected areas – but…
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Does Spelling You See Help Students with Dyslexia?

If your child does indeed have a dyslexic’s challenge, then Spelling You See can be of tremendous help.

With increasing frequency I now speak with families who have children who they believe have dyslexia. I want to take the bull by the horns here and say that if I were the parent, and I am that parent, I would be very careful about ruling out all the other possible causes of reading challenges…
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Spelling You See at Your Child’s Pace

One of the beauties of using Spelling You See is the ability to move at a child’s individual pace.

One of the beauties of using Spelling You See is the ability to move at a child’s individual pace. If a student is taking a little more time to understand a concept, you can simply slow down and offer more practice; if he demonstrates understanding, you can move ahead. Some subject areas, such as math…
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The Five Core Activities in Spelling You See

Spelling You See is built on five core activities designed to increase your child’s experience with words; learn how each activity ties together.

We’ve seen it many times—the quizzical look on a parent’s face when she looks at the Spelling You See program for the first time. Next come the questions, usually prefaced by “If this is a spelling program…” “Why are there passages to read?” “Why do I have to read aloud?” “Why does my child have…
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Do Spelling You See and Math-U-See Share the Same DNA?

Can a user of Math-U-See expect a similar experience with Spelling You See? Read on to find out.

Can a user of Math-U-See expect a similar experience with Spelling You See? Read on to find out. “Oh, my! You look just like your mother!” Inevitably, that is the response my youngest daughter receives anytime someone encounters the two of us together for the first time. Not only do we carry many of the…
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