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Homeschool Parents: Learn With Your Children

Homeschool parents: We can learn with our children. We can take this wonderful opportunity as a lesson in never giving up.

Being the oldest of seven kids, I was reluctantly appointed the family’s official tutor from a very young age. My parents weren’t very educated and so it fell on me to help my younger brothers and sisters with their learning. So, it was no surprise to anyone that I became a math teacher. Today, I…
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Can Education Make Us Robot-Proof?

In his recent book, Robot-Proof, Joseph E. Aoun addresses the connections between education and work.

Joseph E. Aoun has been president of Northeastern University for twelve years. During his tenure, he has thought deeply about the role of education. In his recent book, Robot-Proof: Higher Education in The Age of Intelligence, Aoun asks “How should education be used to help people in the professional and economic spheres?” He notes that…
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Theater Matters Because Democracy Matters

Oskar Eustis, in his 2018 TED Talk, sees three features that emerge from the interplay of democracy and theater in Greek culture.

Oskar Eustis begins his 2018 TED Talk with this statement: Theater matters because democracy matters. Theater is the essential art form of democracy, and we know this because they were born in the same city. Oskar sees three features that emerge from the interplay of democracy and theater in Greek culture. 1) Conflicting Voices Can…
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Twice Exceptional Learners [New Research]

Twice exceptional, or 2e, is a relatively new term in the world of education. 2e students are gifted learners who face one or more learning difficulties.

Scott Barry Kaufman grew up with an auditory processing disorder and high anxiety which made him struggle as a student. Kaufman was also a gifted student. Educators are accustomed to using mutually exclusive labels like “struggling learner” and “gifted learner” and mutually exclusive programs like “special education” and “gifted education.” Kaufman’s story helps us recognize…
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Risky Play: A Need of The Soul

Learn how "risky play" can be beneficial to your soul and mental development.

When my brother and I were kids, we invented a variety of playground games which involved using equipment in ways they weren’t exactly intended for. These games included: 1. Swing-jumping: we would push an empty swing, then sprint toward it and attempt to jump over the seat and through the metal chains. 2. Monkey bar…
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3 Ways to Encourage a Growth Mindset in Our Kids

The words we speak into our children’s hearts and mind are powerful in forming a growth mindset.

Five years ago I had the privilege of participating in a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) through Stanford University Online on teaching and learning math. My time as my children’s primary teacher had passed. Even though it was a completely new concept to me, I vividly remember crying as I watched some of the video…
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Lessons Learned From Reading The Talent Code

“Greatness isn’t born, it’s grown.” That’s the subtitle of Daniel Coyle’s bestselling book The Talent Code.

Picture the following scene. Your child is practicing a new song on the piano. If you didn’t already know what the song was, you wouldn’t be able to recognize it because your child pauses after every couple of notes. After playing one small section of the song, he goes back, replays those same notes, fixing…
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Student Organization Tips (For Students and Parents)

Student organization involves work and study spaces, time management, and supplies; it can be overwhelming. We hope these tips will be helpful for you.

If you feel like your student is overwhelmed when it comes to organizing his materials and managing his time, take heart. Student organization is one of the most difficult challenges that face middle- and high school-age students, as well as their parents. The transition from the adult taking the lead to the student taking ownership…
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Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

Carol Dweck coined the term mindset to reflect how we tend to think about ability. Simply stated, it is how we view potential in others and ourselves.

“Hurray! You made an A on your test! You’re so smart!” “It’s a good thing you like to write because it’s obvious there is no math gene in this family!” “She is such a gifted singer, but her whole family is musical, so it just comes naturally.” “Great! Derek pitched a perfect game! Now I’ll…
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When Education Gets in the Way of Learning

A successful education taps into the student’s innate desire to understand this world and to make it a better place through honest work.

When Ashley Lamb-Sinclair was a 17-year-old student in high school she underwent a painful but formative experience. Her art teacher instructed the class to make a life-like bust of a human face. As Sinclair was sculpting, she pulled out the ears and noticed that the bust resembled Yoda. Inspired, she continued with that theme and…
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