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5 Back to Homeschool Traditions

Back to homeschool traditions are all about balance, and creating a sense of excitement in your kids. Trust me, excitement is contagious. When they are excited, you will be too. When they are excited, you will be too.

Commemorating new seasons in our life is a healthy practice, for adults and children alike. Marking time with a tradition or special memory gives us a sense of excitement and ownership over our lives. The slight hiccup with back to school season is that it can sometimes make homeschoolers feel a little left out. There…
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8 Ways to Include Music in Your Homeschool When You Aren’t Musical

How can you include music in your homeschool when you aren’t musical yourself?

It’s a dilemma shared by so many homeschool moms. You want to give your children a well-rounded education, and, of course, that includes music. But how can you include music in your homeschool when you aren’t musical yourself? Well, it is possible! Here are eight great ways to include music in your homeschool: 1) Read…
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29 Signs You’re Raising a Reader

Here are some signs and clues that your efforts to raise a reader have paid off – even if it doesn’t always seem so rewarding at the time.

There’s a lot of talk about raising readers these days. Homeschool parents especially are sold on the importance of reading – and pretty much everyone is now aware of the lifelong benefits of reading aloud and are trying to do everything right in this area from day one: ● Start reading to your child from…
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A Military Family’s Guide to Homeschooling

As a military family, what might appear to be obstacles to homeschooling can transform in to catalyst for exciting and enriching educational adventures.

A little over a month ago, we received our official orders. We had two and a half weeks to rent out our home on the East Coast, find a rental on the West Coast, purge adequately to squeeze into a cottage one-third the size of our former suburban abode, ship our vehicle, pack up our…
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5 Ways to Find Time to Read Aloud

Instead of envisioning the perfect read aloud time, we need to start where we are and weave it into our day-to-day lives. Here are five ways to do that.

We all know reading aloud is a good thing to do as a family. Reading aloud bonds our family relationships as we share not only time but also stories. Stories shape the heart as well as the mind, educate the imagination and soul as well as the brain. Our children need stories. Even we as…
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How to Reflect on Your Homeschool Year

It's important to reflect on your homeschool year to take stock of strengths and weaknesses; this is an essential part of growth.

Whether you’re looking back on the first half of the year or focused on the year as a whole, it’s important to reflect on your year to see what worked and what didn’t in your homeschool. Taking stock of strengths and weaknesses is an essential part of growth. It can also be reassuring, especially as…
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Bored Students: How to Discourage & Inspire Their Curiosity

Bored students needs to be reignited, not just given more work to do.

My student is bored. What do I do? For many homeschoolers our goal is to teach our children in such a way that they have a love of learning, so it is very disheartening when we see that our student is bored. A bored student will be slow to participate, won’t give their best effort,…
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5 Ways to Incorporate Play & Discovery into Learning

You don’t have to craft something elaborate to incorporate play and discovery into your homeschool. It’s much easier than that.

Homeschooling is appealing to many of us because it frees us to be creative, to have fun, to play more and to learn through discovery. As much fun as this sounds, it’s also easy to become quickly overwhelmed. Pinterest is full of fun ideas, and bloggers around the internet share hands-on activities. You don’t have…
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How Reading Aloud Will Change Your Homeschool

Reading aloud is almost free. It takes little time and no special training, but sometimes the most effective learning tools are the simple ones.

It wasn’t until my 4th child was born that I realized the importance of reading aloud. He was my NICU baby, my preemie. I knew that he might have some developmental delays so I researched to find what I could do for him. With 4 kids under 6, I didn’t have a lot of time…
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5 Library Tips From Sarah Mackenzie

Here are five tips that will help you make better use of the amazing (and FREE) resources at your local library, without going crazy in the process.

Let’s face it – the logistics of taking kids into a quiet area can seem like mixing oil and water. Most of us know what a great resource the library is. As homeschoolers, the ability to have fantastic and free resources at our fingertips is invaluable. I’ve heard it said that you can homeschool well…
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