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How Reading Aloud Will Change Your Homeschool

Reading aloud is almost free. It takes little time and no special training, but sometimes the most effective learning tools are the simple ones.

It wasn’t until my 4th child was born that I realized the importance of reading aloud. He was my NICU baby, my preemie. I knew that he might have some developmental delays so I researched to find what I could do for him. With 4 kids under 6, I didn’t have a lot of time…
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5 Library Tips From Sarah Mackenzie

Here are five tips that will help you make better use of the amazing (and FREE) resources at your local library, without going crazy in the process.

Let’s face it – the logistics of taking kids into a quiet area can seem like mixing oil and water. Most of us know what a great resource the library is. As homeschoolers, the ability to have fantastic and free resources at our fingertips is invaluable. I’ve heard it said that you can homeschool well…
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The 4 Dangers of the Homeschool Comparison Trap

The homeschool comparison trap shifts our focus away from our family and what is important.

What Is the Homeschool Comparison Trap? I have over a decade of homeschool experience, yet at times, I find myself wondering if I have failed as a homeschool mom. It is in these moments of doubt that I realize I have fallen into the homeschool comparison trap. Instead of focusing on what my family needs,…
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5 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Homeschooling

Rebecca shares five things she wish she would have known before homeschooling, even as a second generation homeschooler.

As a second generation homeschooler, I was 100% positive that I knew what to expect in this whole homeschool journey. My confidence was at an all time high; it was glorious! My first few weeks as a newly minted homeschool mom were simply put…epic. I had a big poster on the wall with a schedule…
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