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Is Counting on Fingers Ok?

One of the most common “go to” math manipulatives students use to learn their math facts are their fingers. Is counting on fingers ok?

We all know the importance of math fact memorization as a part of the framework that underlies success in all math concepts. One of the most common “go to” math manipulatives students use to learn their math facts are their fingers. Some students are able to transition from finger counting to rote memorization. However, many…
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10 Math Games for Early Learners

Try some of these fun and educational math games to introduce your child to math.

Young children love to ask questions and play games. Early learners crave experiences that incorporate their senses, that require them to experiment and make observations, and that allow them to explore. As your child’s first teacher, you can start introducing basic math concepts such as numbers, counting, shapes, patterns, and measurement while playing together. Try…
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Your Child’s Math Experience is Not Your Math Experience

How often do we take our adult math experience and shove it onto a child, expecting them to conform to what has taken us years to accomplish?

“Your child’s math experience is not your math experience.” Oh my goodness, these are words I wish someone had said to me twenty-plus years ago! I became a homeschool parent because I knew my math skills were weak. I wanted more for my children, yet I had no idea how I was going to get…
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Math Manipulatives Aren’t Just for “Little Kids”

Educators have discovered that using math manipulatives helps students of all ages to learn new concepts and deepen understanding.

For many people, the mention of math manipulatives calls to mind using marbles for counting or craft sticks tied in bundles of 10 to illustrate place value. Once such elementary concepts have been learned, the role of hands-on math tools may be less clear. Educators have discovered, however, that using manipulatives well helps students of…
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How and When to Take a “Math Break”

What might a math break look like in real life? Do you stop doing math entirely? Sometimes, and that may be the best solution for your family.

Sometimes in our schooling journey it can be wise to take a break from math. This need can be caused by a variety of reasons. Maybe your student has hit a wall with a particular concept. Perhaps you are experiencing a particularly difficult season in your homeschooling (your family has had a loss, a birth,…
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3 Problem-Solving Math Activities

Try some of these easy and fun problem-solving math activities with your student today!

A problem is simply a “problem” because there is no immediate, known solution. Problem solving activities in mathematics extend well beyond traditional word problems. You can provide your student with activities that promote application of math skills while “busting boredom” at the same time! Puzzles and riddles, patterns, and logic problems can all be valuable…
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Make Word Problems Fun [Video]

Make word problems fun with these tips from Gretchen.

I really love doing Facebook LIVE presentations. I particularly enjoy it when I have the opportunity to talk about something that strikes a chord with homeschool parents. We did a Facebook LIVE video talking about working with students and mathematical word problems. It was like touching that third electrified rail in so far as how…
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Real Life Math: 7 Practical Examples

Here are some great ways to incorporate real life math into your everyday living and get your kids involved in areas of life where math is impactful.

You don’t have to look very hard to realize that math is around us all the time and impacts our lives on a daily basis. Your students may not realize just how often they are encountering math in what they do every day. Does anyone in your home play a musical instrument? Then they are…
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Pixar’s Incredibles 2 Shows The Beauty of Trusting Parents

“I don’t know that way. Why would they change math? Math is math. Math is math!”

In Pixar’s long-awaited movie, Incredibles 2, Mr. Incredible finds himself navigating the challenges of being a stay-at-home dad. One of those challenges is helping his son Dash with his math homework. In this hilarious scene, Dash says: “That’s not the way you’re supposed to do it, Dad. They want us to do it this way.”…
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5 Fun Summer Math Games

Explore numbers, shapes, measurements, and more with your children with these fun summer math games.

Summer offers parents and preschoolers time to enjoy the outdoors while still “stretching the brain.” The outdoor environment provides endless rich opportunities to build upon your child’s mathematical skills. Together, you can explore numbers, shapes, measurements, and more by trying some of these fun and easy guided activities or by simply asking the right questions…
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