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6 Reasons Why We Learn Algebra

There are several reasons why we learn algebra; we're covering six today.

When a student says they’re studying algebra, a common reply from adults is, “I haven’t used that since I graduated from high school.” Responses like this can be discouraging to students who wonder why we learn algebra if it is not useful for life. I have good news for algebra students: algebra does indeed enrich…
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5 Summer Math Tips

Here are five summer math tips to keep your child's math skills sharp during the summer months.

Keep your child’s hard-earned learning from slipping down the “summer brain drain”. Here are five summer math tips to keep your child’s math skills sharp during the summer months. 5 Summer Math Tips 1) Explore Math Concepts with Blocks If your child will be starting Math-U-See for the first time in the fall, allow them…
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Memorizing Math Facts with Steve Demme [Video]

In a recent webinar, Steve Demme talked about some great strategies for memorizing math facts.

In a recent Math-U-See webinar our founder Steve Demme took some time to talk about Math-U-See’s philosophy in his own words. He also provides some great strategies for nailing down those math facts. Here’s what he had to say: I’m going to start with a quick summary of the Math-U-See philosophy. This will be helpful…
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7 Ways to Bring Joy to Learning Math

How can we impart the joy of learning math to our students?

Whether we are educating students at home or in a classroom, we have wonderful hopes and dreams for our students and their learning, including actually enjoying learning. In the day-to-day slog of life, though, it is so easy for us to lose sight of those lofty goals. How often do we find our Pinterest-worthy dreams…
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4 Fun Spring Math Activities

Spring math activities for the whole family to enjoy! Going outdoors allows you and your preschooler to conduct active explorations of early math concepts.

It’s spring – time to get outdoors! Together the fresh air, sunshine, and change of scenery bring endless possibilities for exploration. In the excitement of a new season of growth the outdoor environment can be just what your young child needs to get excited about playing, practicing, and investigating math concepts. So sneak some math-related…
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Pi Day Roundup | 2018

Here are some fun pi day references that we saw posted about Pi Day on the Internet in 2018.

Happy Pi Day, everyone! At Math-U-See, we love math and we love to celebrate, so a math holiday like Pi Day is perfect! Two years ago we even had a pi(e) contest at the Demme Learning home office. Here’s the pie that Steve Demme brought in that day. 🙂 Some aren’t that fond of π,…
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Free Math Facts Songs & Activities

Download free songs, activities, coloring pages, and more to help your students learn math facts!

At Math-U-See, we believe that students should not just be taught how to do math, but also the why behind it. But that doesn’t mean that memorizing facts and formulas has no value; having math facts available on demand frees students to focus on new concepts and skills. Mastering addition facts is a critical part…
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How Parents Can Sneak Math Into Their Day [6 Tips]

Let me share some tricks that will help you incorporate mathematical facts into your day that don’t seem “mathy”.

My Relationship with Math I know you will find it hard to believe that I am about to celebrate my fourth year of working for Demme Learning and I have still not fallen in love with mathematics. True statement. To this day I would still prefer to diagram a sentence than work on mathematics problems.…
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4 Outdoor Math Activities for Kids

These outdoor math activities may inspire your student to use his mathematical thinking skills while spending quality time together.

Teaching math can be much more than working problems from a textbook. You can turn outdoor activities and trips into opportunities to sharpen and teach math. Take advantage of backyard playtime, a walk in the woods, or a visit to a city or beach to talk about math. The key ingredient to teaching math skills…
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5 Tips for Reducing Math Anxiety in Your Children

Kick math anxiety to the curb with these tips.

What is Math Anxiety and Why Is It Contagious? Many children struggle with early math concepts. This can produce feelings of stress which can then lead to anxiety. Together these can produce both biological and psychological symptoms in the form of an upset stomach, frequent headaches, sweating, memory impairments, tension, and concentration issues. When past…
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