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Real Life Math: 7 Practical Examples

Here are some great ways to incorporate real life math into your everyday living and get your kids involved in areas of life where math is impactful.

You don’t have to look very hard to realize that math is around us all the time and impacts our lives on a daily basis. Your students may not realize just how often they are encountering math in what they do every day. Does anyone in your home play a musical instrument? Then they are…
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How Parents Can Sneak Math Into Their Day [6 Tips]

Let me share some tricks that will help you incorporate mathematical facts into your day that don’t seem “mathy”.

My Relationship with Math I know you will find it hard to believe that I am about to celebrate my fourth year of working for Demme Learning and I have still not fallen in love with mathematics. True statement. To this day I would still prefer to diagram a sentence than work on mathematics problems.…
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Real-World Math: Fulfillment and Facilities

Accountants are not the only ones in business to use math regularly in their jobs.

Ask most people what person in a company uses math, and they will generally answer, “The accountant.” That is true, of course. Finance or accounting departments work with numbers and do calculations constantly to do payroll, pay bills, and balance the books. They are not the only ones in business to use math regularly in…
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