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What’s the Color of Your Child’s Parachute?

As you guide your teenagers in thinking through what vocation they should pursue, begin with the big picture and then examine the small details.

The average adult works approximately 1,700 hours a year (Source). Since so much time is spent at work, it’s best if you can enjoy your work and find a job where your unique skillset is useful. In 1970, Richard Nelson Bolles wrote a book called What Color Is Your Parachute?. The book continues to be…
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Happiness and Earned Success

Research shows that people who are active in their community and engaged with their family tend to be happier.

Imagine that tomorrow you win the lottery and collect $500 million. Would you be happier being wealthy than you were before? The answer to that question might be less obvious than one would imagine. In 1978, psychologists compared two groups of subjects with a control group. The first group consisted of winners of the Illinois…
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The Value of Work & Relaxation

Learning to relax can sometimes be harder work than work.

I grew up working, and learned from an early age to keep going until the job was finished. We had the opportunity to participate in building a business and seeing what we could produce over time. I remember my older brother and me getting up early and going out with my dad to paint houses…
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Tips for Helping Your Kids Develop a Strong Work Ethic

Helping our kids learn responsibility and the value of working hard is crucial and it begins with us as parents in demonstrating that strong work ethic for our kids.

A strong work ethic is not only an important skill for a career, it is also important for the education process, and for life in general. The act of working towards a goal and then seeing the results of your labor is an important task that needs to be repeated in order for that work/reward…
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