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Spring into Spelling with Activities & Apps

Teach spelling this spring with these fun activities and educational apps.

If you are considering ways to teach your preschool-age child about spelling, consider involving him in literacy activities that are hands-on and playful ways to explore the alphabet and words. Talking, singing, playing rhyme games, reading aloud, and experimenting with writing and drawing with your child are great ways to establish a good literacy foundation.…
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10 Spelling Activities for Early Learners

Try some fun, easy, multi-sensory, and low-stress spelling activities to jump-start your young speller’s curiosity and confidence.

When you tell your child it is time to practice spelling, you may get a range of reactions from “Can’t wait!” to “Do I have to?” Because of a child’s natural inclination to explore and play, it can sometimes be difficult to engage a young child and help him develop a positive attitude toward spelling.…
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