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Can Virtual Reality Transform Science Education?

Michael Bodekaer imagines how virtual reality can pair with science education.

When it comes to innovative teaching methods, few things rival flight simulators. Flight simulators cut down on safety risks by allowing students to gain proficiency before trying out the real thing and also minimize training costs. Entrepreneur and tech enthusiast Michael Bodekaer was inspired by the success of flight simulators in imagining how virtual reality…
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We Need to Trust Parents to Parent Their Children

Anna Mussmann argues that our society, in treating kids like consumer products, has begun to strip away trust for parents.

In an article for The Federalist, Anna Mussmann argued that our society, in treating kids like consumer products, has begun to strip away trust for parents. Mussmann writes that: We are witnessing a drastic erosion of public support for the idea that ordinary parents are the people most likely to know what is best for…
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Mom’s Post About Kindness Goes Viral

A simple act of kindness generated viral attention in July, 2016 when a mother posted on Facebook praising a fellow mother.

In Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings, Gandalf reminds Bilbo that there is great power in little acts of kindness. Some believe it is only great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I have found. It is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay.…
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Exciting Trends in Parent-Child Time [Study]

A recent international survey notes an uptick in parent-child time since the 1960s.

A recent international study done by researchers at the University of California, Irvine found that since the 1960s, the time mothers spend with their kids has doubled and the time has quadrupled for fathers. Whereas the average daily time mothers spent interacting directly with their child in the 1960s was 54 minutes, in 2012 it…
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The Case for Teaching for Mastery

The mastery approach lets students spend the time they need to build strong foundations so that they are equipped to learn complex topics.

Sal Khan is the founder of the online Khan Academy which provides free instruction in mathematics, science, and computer programming. In his November 2015 TED Talk, Khan suggested a vision for education that would operate similarly to martial arts instruction. He explains that: In a martial art, you would practice the white belt skills as…
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Why Doesn’t Spelling You See Have Tests?

Spelling You See does not include word lists, tests, or memorization; learn why in this blog post.

Spelling You See provides a unique approach to spelling that develops your child’s visual memory skills in order to become a proficient speller. Our distinctive activities involve reading a passage and listening to it being read, analyzing spelling patterns in the context of the passage, copywork, and dictation. Spelling You See does not include word…
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