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#ChooseFamily with Us on Black Friday

On Friday, we’re deciding to #ChooseFamily and shut down business for the day.

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Not us!
Ring ring…leave a message after the beep, because we’re not there either.

This Black Friday, we’re offering something no one else is – time!

On Friday, we’re deciding to #ChooseFamily and shut down business for the day. That’s right, our doors will be closed and no blocks or books will be shipping out.

We wanted to give our employees this opportunity to spend time with their families and we want to extend the same gift to you. #ChooseFamily this Friday with us. Put down the screens and shopping list and instead read a book together, go on a family stroll around the block, have a discussion over a card game. Whatever you do, do it together and do it with love.

Take a picture and post with the hashtag #ChooseFamily so we can see how you’re spending your day! (But be sure to put the phone right back down!)

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Dani Krebs is from York, PA and graduated from Shippensburg University with a B.A. in English. She enjoys a balanced life of outdoor activities and Netflix marathons.

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