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What Makes Demme Learning Unique?

At Demme Learning, we trust parents to make wise and loving decisions about their kids’ educations.

At Demme Learning, we trust parents to make wise and loving decisions about their kids’ educations. We don’t only trust homeschool parents, or public school parents, or any other specific kind of parents. Engaged parents are crucial to children’s success at becoming life-long learners, regardless of their selected method of instruction.

Our primary goal in developing educational products is to provide essential resources to evaluate their child’s understanding that adapt to how their child learns, with clear instructions and simple yet effective methods.

Here are some of the ways we talk the talk AND walk the walk to trust and support parents with our key curricula, Math-U-See and Spelling You See.

4 Ways That Demme Learning is Unique

1) Clear, Explicit Instructions

We provide directions for instructor and students for each lesson in a variety of ways so there’s no guessing at what to do each day. You’ll know where to start and when you’re finished. Lessons are broken into small, active chunks so kids don’t get bored or restless. And we provide clear guidelines so you know when your student is ready to move on.

2) Curriculum That Meets Your Child Where They’re At

We don’t assume that a certain age means a certain ability or skill level. In fact, you won’t find grade levels at all in our curriculum. We provide clear, simple placement guides to ensure your student starts at the right place to address any gaps.

3) Lessons That Don’t Assume “One Size Fits All”

Students can move as quickly or slowly as necessary in our curricula. For instance, if your student quickly masters a math concept, there’s no need to complete all of the workbook pages. Move on to the next concept; we provide plenty of systematic review, don’t worry.

4) The Ultimate in Customer Service

An experienced support team ready to provide the ultimate in customer service. Everyone says that they have outstanding customer service, but ours is truly exceptional. Many of them have used our curriculum themselves with their own students. You will never feel rushed when you call; we’re happy to talk through any issue, whether specific to the curriculum or even if you’re just having a bad day and need an adult to talk to. Our goal is to provide “The Ultimate in Customer Service.” If we don’t meet that level for you, please let us know what we could do differently.

We know you have a lot of choices and put a great deal of careful thought into how you spend your curriculum dollars. Thank you for considering us. Our commitment to you is to provide a top quality product with the best support possible. We think you’ll be pleased.

Free Math Facts Music & Activities

Songs, music, and rhyme are all helpful tools to aid students with math facts. Download some math songs to sing while you’re outside! There are also activities for when the weather doesn’t lend itself to outside math.

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Download free songs, activities, coloring pages, and more to help your students learn math facts!

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