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50 Family Snack Recipes from Bloggers

These family snack recipes are sure to be a hit amongst your children, and can be a good opportunity to teach your child basic cooking skills.

These family snack recipes are sure to be a hit amongst your children. Bring the classroom to the kitchen and practice fractions, or form a positive experience with fruits, veggies, and some of that yummy, sugary stuff (in moderation, of course). Making these snacks with your child also gives you the opportunity for you to teach your child basic cooking skills, because teach your child to cook, and you feed them for a lifetime (a spin on a classic quote).

These delicious masterpieces can be prepared in minutes. Try one (or more!) of yummy and easy family snack recipes below. Let us know in the comments what you think, and if your family has any special snack recipes of their own!

Family Snack Recipes

The Go-To Classics

Chances are, you’ve either sampled these snacks in your youth, or you’ve seen them while Pinteresting. These snacks don’t need a recipe with instruction, but here are a few ideas nonetheless.

1) Celery and peanut butter – the go to classic. Just add raisin and make it a tasteful party.

2) Banana boat – peel your banana, cut in half, add peanut butter.

3) Baby carrots and humus (humus taste great with other veggies like broccoli and bell peppers, too!).

4) Clementines – all you have to do it peel!

5) Fruit kabobs – stack bananas, strawberries, and any other berries you can think of.

6) Toast dipped in hot chocolate – great for snowy days where you want that extra toasty comfort.

7) Fruits – an apple or cut up cantaloupe may not seem as fun, but they’re easy and yummy.

8) Veggies – again, no extravagant preparation for these snacks.

If your kids insist they don’t like fruits or veggies, try presenting them in a fun way like creating faces with cherry tomatoes as eyes, a bell pepper for a mouth, and broccoli for hair!

The Recipes

For when you’re looking for a little more than the usual.

9) Granola Bars.

10) “Going Fishing” snack mix.

11) Reese’s Fudge – enough said.

12) Sunshine Balls. Great to make on those rainy days you need a little sunshine.

13) Homemade apple sauce.

14) Fun popcorn recipes – perfect for family movie night!

15) Applewiches and more!

16) Healthy homemade smoothies. – smoothies are great because you can throw in those fruits in veggies your child insist they won’t eat, and they won’t even know it. Don’t like spinach? I’ll cover it up with these strawberries. Is it deceitful, or ingenious? I’ll let you decide.

17) Kale chips.

18) Pumpkin Cookies.

19) Oatmeal Blueberry Flax Muffins.

20) Chocolate ice-cream – this no guilt ice-cream is dairy and sugar free!

21) Veggie Cheese People – because why not!

22) Marshmallow and cereal Rainbows and Noah’s Ark.

23) Pretzel scroll snacks.

24) Pretzel snowflakes.

25) God’s Promised Land. (Chocolate pudding)

26) Teddy Bear toast – it’s beary good!

27) Snack necklace – Satisfy your tummy while looking stylish.

28) Duck snack – these are too cute not to share!

29) Fruit and cracker pizza.

30) Healthy homemade fruit snacks.

31) Cereal snacks.

32) Peanut butter cup puppy chow – anything with peanut butter in the name is a win for me!

33) Fruity Pebble cookies.

34) Apple donuts – admit it, this has to be the yummiest way to eat apples.

35) Back yard bug snacks – snacks you can bug out about.

36) Frozen blueberry bites – we promise, no matter how many you eat, you won’t turn violet.

37) Healthy silly art snacks (on flatbread).

38) Peanut butter fruit dip – who knew these three ingredients would be so delicious.

39) Frozen banana snack.

40) Frozen banana bites – they’ll make you go nanners!

41) Yogurt bark.

42) No bake cereal bars.

43) Fruity Pebbles Parfait.

44) Wafer cookie pencils.

45) Pickle roll-ups – are you in a pickle, or are you just hungry?

46) Chunky monkey bites.

47) Smore snack mix – you’ll want smore of these!

48) Underwater jello treats.

49) Turtle and friends snack.

50) Cheese monsters – These are so cute; I want fifty!

Do you have any go-to snack recipes that you’d like to share? Link them in the comments!

These family snack recipes are sure to be a hit amongst your children, and can be a good opportunity to teach your child basic cooking skills.

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