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5 Quick Tips for Taking Better Holiday Photos with Your Family

Take better holiday photos on your smartphone or DSLR this year with these quick tips.

Take better holiday photos on your smartphone or DSLR this year with these quick tips.

Whether you’re using a smartphone, a DSLR, or a point-and-shoot to take your photos, these tips should apply to any photographer.

1. Shoot Moments and Poses

Some of the best photos are taken when the subject isn’t expecting it. Look for moments that you can capture, like someone opening a gift, rather than just taking photos of your family posing and smiling for the camera. Not only will you get more variety in your photos, but they will look more natural.

2. Get Down to the Kid’s Eye Level

When you’re taking pictures of kids, try to get down to their eye level. You will look silly and suffer a little discomfort, but the results will be more personal and dynamic.

Girl with a fourth of July sparkler.

3. Photograph Items

The holidays are full of nostalgia. When you’re taking photos, don’t forget to take some time to capture the dinner table before (and after) you eat, the candles by the window, or something that has a specific memory for you.

Christmas train display.

4. Charge Batteries and Prepare Memory Cards Beforehand

I can’t stress this one enough; I’ve missed capturing so many moments because my camera’s battery died or I ran out of room on my memory card. The evening before an event is a great time to make sure that your camera equipment is ready for action.

5. Know When to Put the Camera Down

The holidays are a great time to take photos with your family, but don’t let this take away from the overall experience.

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