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3 Tips for Creating a Homeschool Transcript

Creating a homeschool transcript is easier than you might think; it just involves keeping track and planning ahead.

While the idea of creating a homeschool transcript might seem overwhelming or intimidating, it’s really just another way of tracking your student’s progress and sorting it into a format that is accessible and understandable by post-secondary opportunities.

Even if you live in a state that does not require you to report your homeschooling agenda to them, it’s in your child’s best interest for you to keep track of their accomplishments so they have fewer hurdles when it’s time for post-secondary education or career options. Most higher education requires a transcript for consideration for admission. The military and many other jobs also require a high school diploma or equivalent. Creating a homeschool transcript is easier than you might think; it just involves keeping track and planning ahead, things you’re probably already doing on your homeschool journey. Here are a few simple tips:

3 Tips for Creating a Homeschool Transcript

1) Plan Ahead

We just said this, but: Plan ahead! Most states require some sort of record-keeping, which can help, but if yours doesn’t, make sure you have a plan for what you need to record starting before your student enters “9th grade,” or before they begin taking classes that can count toward fulfilling state graduation requirements. That means…

2) Know Your State’s Requirements

You should know your state’s requirements for graduation. Each state is different. Often there are diploma services that you can use that are specific to your state that can provide you with the requirements. You can also search for “[My State] high school graduation requirements.” Even if you choose not to follow the state requirements exactly, it’s a great guide to what future employers and higher education institutions are looking for.

3) Use Descriptive Course Names

Use descriptive course names when appropriate. If the curriculum or course name doesn’t clearly state what requirement is being fulfilled, feel free to change it to be more specific for the transcript. For instance, rather than using the more generic “Science,” you would want to state “Biology” or “Chemistry” or the appropriate focus if applicable. Using descriptive, familiar language will make the transcript more understandable for those reviewing it.

Homeschool Transcript Sample

There are loads of great resources and advice to be found on the internet. One source that has aggregated a lot of great information is the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA).

HSLDA has provided homeschool transcript samples, preparation resources, and much more more.

The most important thing to remember is that this is a component of your student’s secondary education that they will need in their post-high school life. By documenting their achievements, you’re sparing them (and yourself!) from trying to recreate their academic record from memory. By keeping an ongoing log, you’re simplifying the process. It doesn’t need to be difficult or overwhelming; after all, you’ve already done the hard work of homeschooling!

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