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Math-U-See Decimal Street® Creations

Decimal Street® is a fun way that Math-U-See teaches the concept of place value in a visual way with manipulatives.

Decimal Street® is a fun way that Math-U-See teaches the concept of place value in a visual way with manipulatives.

A poster of Decimal Street® is included with all of the Math-U-See Integer Block Kits, and many of our customers have created their own versions. Instructions on how to make your own are included in the Primer, Alpha, and Beta levels of Math-U-See; Decimal Street® is intended to be used with the Math-U-See integer blocks.

We love seeing what our creative customers come up with, and wanted to share some of our favorite creations that we found below. Cars seems to be a favorite theme; what other themes and stories can you come up with? It works best when you can adapt it to your child’s interests. You could have a story about people riding bikes, borrowing cooking supplies from a neighbor, or finding a friend to play with.

If you do get creative with your own version, post it on social media with the hashtag #DecimalStreet and tag us so that we can see it.

Decimal Street® Creations

Gena from I Choose Joy created this Decimal Street® Lapbook.

Source: I Choose Joy.

Renee from Little Homeschool on the Prairie created this Decimal Street® Lapbook.

Source: Little Homeschool on the Prairie.

Courtney from Life on Courtney Lane created this Math-U-See Decimal Street®.

Source: Life on Courtney Lane.

This version of the Math-U-See Decimal Street® was found on My Home School 101.

Source: My Home School 101.

Decimal Street® Story

We recently wrote a story about three little pigs that might sound a little familiar for an article in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

Download the story as a PDF file.


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One thought on “Math-U-See Decimal Street® Creations

  1. Nicole

    Thank you for this wonderful resource. I have a very old set of integer blocks I bought for my 22 yr old. That I bought with math u see wooden cases. I do not have a Decimal Street to go with my 5th child who is starting this program. Do you know how I can buy one or get one. Thank you & God Bless,Mrs. Brown


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