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Math-U-See Skills Maintenance Program

The Math-U-See Skills Maintenance Program takes key objectives from the lower levels of Math-U-See and focuses on maintaining the skills students have learned through fun activities, the Math-U-See Manipulatives, and a student workbook.

This spring, we developed a summer skills maintenance program for a school customer. We took the key objectives from the Primer, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma levels and created a program that would focus on maintaining the skills the students had learned through fun activities, the Math-U-See Manipulatives, and a student workbook.

We have had similar requests from homeschool parents and we wanted to give you the opportunity to try the school version this summer. We’d also like you to tell us if this is something you would like us to produce for homeschoolers, even if now isn’t the right time for you.

We call it the Math-U-See Skills Maintenance Program, and we’d like you to try it and tell us what you think before we proceed with developing it as a homeschool product. It’s important to know that we haven’t made any modifications for homeschoolers yet. That’s why we need your feedback.

• This is a review program. We’ve selected key concepts for review that will best ensure your student is prepared for the next level of Math-U-See. Therefore, please select the level that your student has just completed, not the next level.

Download a sample lesson from Alpha here.

An example lesson from the Math-U-See Alpha Skills Maintenance Program.

• Remember, this was developed for schools, so the language is geared toward a classroom setting. However, the content and activities can easily be adapted for your homeschool.

• For $38, you’ll receive the Teacher’s Guide, Student Workbook, Activities, and Digital License for your selected level (currently only Primer, Alpha, Beta, or Gamma). You can also purchase an extra Skills Maintenance Student Workbook for $15 if you have more than one student working in a level. We’ll be sending a follow-up survey after a few weeks just to see what you think. It’s not required, but your feedback and experiences would really be helpful to make this product the best it can be.

Short Survey

If you’re interested in learning more, please say so on the following survey. Even if you’re not interested for this summer or these levels, we value your input on what you would like to see in a summer math program – please complete the survey anyway. And if you think a summer math program isn’t necessary (and you’re still reading!), we’d like to know that, too.

  • Katy

    It would be very helpful to have one Skills Maintenance Program that would include all elementary levels in one book (at least one teacher book) so I wouldn’t have to buy so many items over the years.

    • DemmeLearning

      Thanks for your feedback, Katy! I’ll pass it on to the appropriate department.