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Blocks and the Design of Childhood

In "The Design of Childhood", Alexandra Lange details an illuminating exploration of the material world that children inhabit.

The Design of Childhood is the kind of book that brings sunshine to your heart on rainy day. The author, Alexandra Lange, is an architecture and design critic, a historian, and a mother. In her book, she draws from each of these core aspects of herself in an illuminating exploration of the material world that…
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Homeschool Parents: Learn With Your Children

Homeschool parents: We can learn with our children. We can take this wonderful opportunity as a lesson in never giving up.

Being the oldest of seven kids, I was reluctantly appointed the family’s official tutor from a very young age. My parents weren’t very educated and so it fell on me to help my younger brothers and sisters with their learning. So, it was no surprise to anyone that I became a math teacher. Today, I…
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6 Homeschool Tips From Homeschool Bloggers

We've included homeschool tips from six of our personal favorite homeschool bloggers.

When you’re first considering homeschool, whether it is your child’s first educational experience or you’re switching paths, it’s an exciting and potentially overwhelming time. So many choices! So many options! Which curriculum do I use? Wow, look at all the fun, character-building, educational activities that are available! LET’S DO ALL THE THINGS! Whoa. Pump the…
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How to Motivate Your Child to Read

Motivate your child to read with these practical tips.

There are books sitting on the shelf, it’s a rainy weekend afternoon, but your child is not diving into a single book. You might be thinking to yourself, “Am I not raising a reader?” Maybe you started reading to your child at a very early age and still have family reading time. While this might…
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50 Family Snack Recipes from Bloggers

These family snack recipes are sure to be a hit amongst your children, and can be a good opportunity to teach your child basic cooking skills.

These family snack recipes are sure to be a hit amongst your children. Bring the classroom to the kitchen and practice fractions, or form a positive experience with fruits, veggies, and some of that yummy, sugary stuff (in moderation, of course). Making these snacks with your child also gives you the opportunity for you to…
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Word Lists Defeat the Purpose of Spelling You See

Spelling You See does not require parents or students to keep word lists for a very specific reason: the brain treats a list as item memory.

My computer chimed with the sound that a chat was waiting for me. I clicked on the icon and “Jane” began detailing a struggle: Jane: My daughter and I are frustrated with Spelling You See. Me: I am sorry to hear that Jane, can you give me some details about your struggles? Jane: We are…
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10 Spelling Activities for Early Learners

Try some fun, easy, multi-sensory, and low-stress spelling activities to jump-start your young speller’s curiosity and confidence.

When you tell your child it is time to practice spelling, you may get a range of reactions from “Can’t wait!” to “Do I have to?” Because of a child’s natural inclination to explore and play, it can sometimes be difficult to engage a young child and help them develop a positive attitude toward spelling.…
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2019 Homeschool Convention Guide

Attending a homeschool convention can be a challenge. This guide is offered to help you become the victorious conqueror of the homeschool convention.

In the “olden days,” when I was homeschooling, parents had to order from catalogs or go to a homeschool convention to purchase materials. For encouragement, we depended on co-ops and support groups. Now, online ordering and social media have made homeschooling much more convenient. However, there are still some really great reasons that homeschoolers should…
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12 Tips for Homeschooling a Distracted Child

Homeschooling a distracted child can be a frustrating challenge, especially when you have other kids. Here are some ideas that can help.

Homeschooling a child who is easily distracted can be a frustrating challenge, especially when you have other kids. Here are some ideas on how to keep that child focused on their school work so that you can have a successful homeschool day. 12 Tips for Homeschooling a Distracted Child 1) Use a Timer Timers can…
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6 Practical Ways to Reduce Math Stress

There are many factors which can cause math stress, but no matter the cause, the key is to find a way to reduce stress so that learning can take place.

Have you ever found yourself stressed out thinking, “Please don’t judge me right now?” I remember having this thought when I was trying to buy groceries with my two young children. It was very stressful trying to teach them how to behave in a grocery store, until someone suggested teaching them in a pretend situation.…
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