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6 Practical Ways to Reduce Math Stress

There are many factors which can cause math stress, but no matter the cause, the key is to find a way to reduce stress so that learning can take place.

Have you ever found yourself stressed out thinking, “Please don’t judge me right now?” I remember having this thought when I was trying to buy groceries with my two young children. It was very stressful trying to teach them how to behave in a grocery store, until someone suggested teaching them in a pretend situation.…
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4 Ways to Engage and Encourage Math Students

In this blog post you'll find several ideas to help you encourage math students in their studies.

Sometimes, math lessons can be an uphill battle – especially if your student is not particularly enthusiastic about the subject. I remember sitting at the kitchen table with my dad one night as he tried to help me understand long division. “I just. Don’t. Get it,” I groaned, emphasizing each syllable by gently (and somewhat…
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15 Homeschool Burnout Tips from Bloggers

Homeschooling is exhausting, mentally and physically. We've collected homeschool burnout advice from experienced homeschoolers.

“The best laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley.” That’s Robert Burns. But maybe you haven’t gotten that far in British Lit this year, because it has just been a grind and You. Are. Just. So. Done. We get it. Homeschooling is exhausting, mentally and physically. Accept that we’re only human as parents…
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Mathematicians and Historians Need Each Other

The connection between models in the humanities and mathematical models is deeper than it may appear.

“It isn’t easy to be a citizen in 2018.” So begins Ted Underwood’s essay on machine learning. Underwood continues: “we are told to watch out for bots and biased search engines, but skepticism about new media can also make us easy prey for old-fashioned propaganda.” For Underwood, a central aim for education needs to be…
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3 Benefits of Math Doodling

Your student might be doodling because they’re distracted or bored, but they can still benefit from it, especially from math doodling.

You might think your student is distracted from their work when you see them doodling. You may even remember being bored in school yourself and doodling all over the page. Your student might be doodling because they’re distracted or bored, but they can still benefit from it, especially from math doodling. Math-focused doodling can help…
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Addition Facts Strategies for Parents

Read Sue's addition facts strategies that she has acquired during time spent in the trenches with parents that she's worked with.

In 2016 I wrote a blog post similar to this: How to Teach a Child Math Facts. However, because I have the privilege of consulting with parents weekly–even daily– and addressing fact mastery strategies, I have learned more. I want to share this additional information I have acquired during time spent in the trenches with…
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What Does Homeschooling in the Military Look Like?

In a recent blog post, the Department of Education interviewed a homeschool military family about how they balance the two.

In a recent post on the Department of Education blog, the staff interviewed a military homeschool family. The writers introduce the interview by noting: When asked to share their thoughts on the benefits of school choice and their homeschool experience, this military family did what they do every day: they turned the occasion into a…
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12 Reasons Why You Will Hate Spelling You See

We’re willing to admit that Spelling You See may not be for everyone. Here are 12 reasons why you will hate Spelling You See.

We think Spelling You See is the best spelling program out there. Just a smidgen of bias, maybe? Maybe, but it’s based on solid educational research and follows the way people learn language. It has proven results with students from a range of ages and abilities. It’s different, but it’s not difficult. But we’re willing…
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Math-U-See is Too Repetitive!

"My student is telling me that Math-U-See is too repetitive; I'm not sure what to do."

My student is telling me that the Math-U-See curriculum is too repetitive; I’m not sure what to do. A key component to mastering any new skill or concept is sufficient amounts of practice. But often practice can feel dull and unexciting when there are all sorts of new things out there waiting to be learned.…
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Building Data Literacy [TED Talk]

If we read a story that interprets a data set in ways that support our preconceived beliefs, we rarely don't stop there.

In his TED Talk at the London Business School, speaker Alex Edmans considered the question of “…what to trust in a ‘post-truth’ world?” Edmans opened his talk with an exploration of confirmation bias: our propensity to accept a story (eg., a newspaper article) we like as being true, without being duly critical. For example, if…
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