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34 Favorite Books to Read Aloud as a Family [Curated]

Cultivate a love of reading as a family with these favorite books to read aloud.

Do you want to raise lifelong learners? Do you want to continue to be one yourself? Reading aloud as a family is an effective way to do both.

We know reading aloud to children improves their cognitive development, vocabulary, comprehension, and increases concentration. Let’s not forget, reading aloud can also develop a love for reading which is a vital element in lifelong learners. But did you know the advantages of reading aloud as a family impacts more than just your children? Reading aloud as a family can benefit you as a parent, and your family as a whole.

As a parent, reading aloud as a family adds value to your relationship. It gives your family something to discuss at the dinner table or on the car ride to the grocery store. This type of family discourse allows you to dive into the novel together: you can relate parts of the story or themes to life in ways your children may not be able to, and vice versa. It’s amazing to see what goes on in young minds, and this can be the perfect opportunity to do so.

We’ve compiled a list from homeschool parents like you of favorite books to read aloud as a family. There’s something for your toddlers to your tweens.

So travel to Narnia, or get some advice from Dumbledore at Hogwarts. Learn how a spider’s love saved a pig named Wilbur. Really, the possibilities are endless.

Go, explore, discover together.

Title Author Minimum Age
The Chronicles of Narnia (Series) C.S. Lewis 8
Little House (Series) Laura Ingalls Wilder 8
Winnie the Pooh (Series) A.A. Milne 5
Charlotte’s Web E.B. White 7
The Lord of the Rings (Series) J.R.R. Tolkien 12
The Green Ember S.D. Smith
Magic Tree House (Series) Barbara Schultz 6
Harry Potter (Series) J.K. Rowling 8
Wingfeather (Series) Andrew Peterson
Little Britches (Series) Ralph Moody
American Girl (Series) Various 8
Lamp Lighter (Series) Various
Hank the Cow Dog (Series) John R. Erickson 7
Trumpet of the Swan E.B. White
Swiss Family Robinson Johann D. Wyss
The Boxcar Children (Series) Gertrude Chandler Warner 7
The Old Man and the Sea Ernest Hemingway 12
A Little Princess Frances Hodgson Burnett 9
The Indian in the Cupboard (Series) Lynne Reid Banks
Judy Moody (Series) Megan McDonald 6
Around the World in 80 Days Jules Verne
On the Wings of Heroes Richard Peck 9
Mr. Potter Jamaica Kincaid
Henry and Mudge (Series) Cynthia Rylant 5
Pony Scouts (Series) Catherine Hapka
Betsy-Tacy (Series) Maud Hart Lovelace 7
The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood Howard Pyle
Redwall (Series) Brian Jacques 10
Peter and the Starcatcher Dave Berru 9
Wilderking (Series) Jonathan Rogers
The Tale of Peter Rabbit Beatrix Potter 3
The Three Investigators (Series) Robert Arthur, Jr.
Time Quintet (Series) Madeleine L’Engle
The Sugar Creek Gang (Series) Paul Hutchens

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Cultivate a love of reading as a family with these favorite books to read aloud.

About Danielle Krebs

Dani Krebs is from York, PA and graduated from Shippensburg University with a B.A. in English. She enjoys a balanced life of outdoor activities and Netflix marathons.

9 thoughts on “34 Favorite Books to Read Aloud as a Family [Curated]

  1. Nicole

    Great idea! I was excited to read the 50 best books read aloud to your family list. Wow chuch full of magic. I would seriously love a Christian to make a safe list for christian families. I will find an appropriate book and thats what we will do!. Thanks for the idea! To God be the Glory!
    Mrs. Brown


      Yes, I enjoyed reading your list as well. I too am looking for books that are encouraging and uplifting. We have read several of the books on your list. However, there are a lot of them we haven’t read. I’m also looking for great history books that aren’t “history books.”
      I mean history text books. I need a list of books that will educate my children on history and not bore them to tears.
      Thank you so much for the list. Looking forward to seeing more book list in the near future.

    2. Mother of 4

      When I read the list, I was quite disappointed in the choices of what people want to teach their families. The number one book to read aloud as a family should be the Bible. Totally agree with Mrs. Brown that it would be helpful if a list was compiled from a Christian viewpoint instead.

    3. Misty

      I agree. Sad to see Harry Potter on the list. I understand this list was compiled from your readers and may not reflect the beliefs of MUS.

  2. Lee-Ann Davis

    I’m very disappointed to see so much evil in a Read Aloud list on a Christian website. After reading Steve Demme’s spiritual insights in the monthly emails, I am shocked that he would approve of so many satanic ideas being fed to children.

  3. Mrs C

    As a family and at co op we love reading “Encyclopedia Brown”. The children listen attentively and try to solve the mystery before it is reveal. It is an hour of learning, laughing and interesting discussions. It’s truly a great find!

  4. Anna

    I am surprised to see such a controversial series on this list such as Harry Potter. Not only is it on the list but you gave it a minimum age of 8, when the Redwall series got an age 10 and Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings got a minimum age of 12. Harry Potter for an 8 year old?!?! No way!

  5. Janet

    Hmmmmm, some good books on here.
    I would caution Christians to take seriously the influence ‘magic’ and ‘witchcraft’ can have on their children… it is not something God treats lightly and we want to have his mind.
    Before reading Harry Potter and the like, see what the Bible says about witchcraft. It is not harmless or innocent, and I am surprised to see it here. Things that are pure, true, right: let’s aim for the best with our children!

  6. Demme Learning

    Thanks for your responses! Misty is correct; this is a compiled list of our readers’ favorites. This is not intended to be a list of required readings; rather, they are suggestions from other families as to what they have enjoyed reading. We trust parents and we know that they will make considered choices for their families based on their own beliefs and the interests and maturity of their children.


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