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Seeking Research Participants

Would you like to participate in a research project on on homeschooling gifted children?

At Demme Learning, we support lifelong learning. Occasionally we get requests from colleges or graduate schools for assistance with research studies. So when we received a request from a doctoral candidate from Liberty University, we were happy to help!

Bridgette Whitlow-Spurlock, Liberty University School of Education Doctoral Candidate, is conducting a research project titled “A Grounded Theory Study of the Educational Processes Implemented by Parents Homeschooling Gifted or Twice-Exceptional Children.”

Her desire is to explain the choices made by homeschooling parents of these children regarding curriculum, instructional methods, and daily structure. Bridgette is a homeschooling mom of ten years. She is a director of a local homeschool community. Additionally, she serves as a volunteer with the Indiana Association of Home Educators Government Affairs Team as a writer.

If you are interested in learning more or participating in her research, please contact Bridgette at bwhitlowspurlock-at-liberty-dot-edu.

She will contact you directly with information about requirements and, if you and your student qualify, information about what participation in the project would involve. It’s purely voluntary, of course, and you can withdraw at any time.

Disclaimer: This is an independent research project that is not sponsored by Demme Learning. We’re simply happy to help a fellow lifelong learner!

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