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Take Your Math Lessons on the Road

Take your math lessons on the road with the new Math-U-See app.

Take your math lessons on the road with the new Math-U-See app.

If you’re a Math-U-See user, you know how important our manipulatives are for instruction – building concepts and allowing students to “see” and master them is an essential part of our instructional method, after all. But have you ever tried to take your math lessons in the car – on a trip or even simply during a typical busy day in the life of a homeschooler? We admit, it can get a little messy with unit blocks bouncing underfoot, fraction overlays sliding between seats, and frustrated groans from the kids as you turn a corner and their carefully-constructed math problem goes tumbling into the baby’s car seat. But math skills must be constantly practiced and built upon or mastery can be lost, so you don’t like to take a break from math. Besides, if you waited until you had a peaceful morning at home, you might never get through the lessons! If only there were an easier way to take Math-U-See on the road…

That day arrived in June of 2014 when Demme Learning launched the Math-U-See Manipulative app, delighting many customers who have been quite vocal in asking us for such a tool. We are happy to respond, and we think this supplement to the physical manipulatives is a great tool for your mathematical journeys of both the literal and figurative kind.

The Digital Manipulatives app offers all of the manipulatives that are used with our math curriculum, including the base-ten set of manipulative blocks, the fraction overlays, the algebra/decimal inserts, and even Decimal Street – plus a few other features as well. This all-inclusive manipulative supplement will help keep math fresh for you and your students and is a great tool which can be used alongside the physical blocks once you return from your travels.

One of the useful benefits of working with the app is the ability to use an infinite number of blocks. This can be especially helpful when working through our Gamma and Delta levels, as students are building larger problems. This should help save on your gas mileage because you won’t need to lug around the blocks while visiting family, and there’s no risk of forgetting them at Grandma’s, either!

With the holidays fast approaching, no doubt there will be some travel on the horizon for many of us. We all realize the importance of keeping what we have learned in math fresh in our minds. Now we can because of the unique portability the manipulative app provides for us and our families while traveling this coming holiday season. We hope you enjoy this educational tool and your time with loved ones during this holiday season.

Take your math lessons on the road with our Math-U-See Manipulatives app.


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