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The Value of Work & Relaxation

Learning to relax can sometimes be harder work than work.

I grew up working, and learned from an early age to keep going until the job was finished. We had the opportunity to participate in building a business and seeing what we could produce over time. I remember my older brother and me getting up early and going out with my dad to paint houses for an Amish contractor in Lancaster County. Around noon we would come home ad eat lunch; while my dad would go back and finish painting, we would do our homework, and in the evening we would do whatever needed to be done for the business, from packing boxes to putting labels on VHS tapes.

Even though there was always a task to be done, my parents would always take a day off on the weekend and we would relax as a family and enjoy the world around us. We would take hikes, have cookouts, go canoeing or just lounge around the house and enjoy a good book. Having a rhythm to the week helped me experience the benefit of both work and relaxation.

It is important to show children the value of hard work and to be diligent in completing a task, but it is just as important to show them how to take a break and enjoy the world around them. There is something human about working hard followed by a relaxing weekend grilling hamburgers or going canoeing. Take the time to show your kids the value of working hard and also relax with them to show them the value of living a more balanced life. Learning to relax can sometimes be harder work than work.

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About Ethan Demme

Ethan Demme is the Chairman and CEO of Demme Learning and is passionate about building lifelong learners. Ethan is an elected member of the board of supervisors in East Lampeter Township, PA. He has never backed down from a challenge, especially if it's outdoors, and is currently into climbing big mountains and other endurance sports. An active member of his local community, Ethan is a well-socialized homeschool graduate who holds a B.A. in Communication Arts from Bryan College.

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