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2015 #TrustParents Rally

Learn about Demme Learning's #TrustParents Rally

On January 29th, a rally was hosted at Demme Learning’s headquarters in Lititz, Pennsylvania to promote parental choice in education during School Choice Week.

There were several talks that covered a wide range of topics from local policies to school funding programs to personal stories of homeschooling. Below are some highlights from these talks and an opportunity for you to #TrustParents with us.

Ethan Demme

Ethan Demme, president & CEO of Demme Learning, made opening remarks about school choice, shared his personal story as a homeschool graduate, and closed with a plea to trust and empower parents to make the best educational decisions for their families.

Watch Ethan’s full-length talk here.

State Senator Ryan Aument

Pennsylvania Senator Ryan Aument talked about the educational challenges in Pennsylvania, and outlined some of the ways that we can improve our educational policies.


Watch Ryan’s full-length talk here.

Joanne Martin

Joanne Martin, the director of development at Dayspring Christian Academy, talked about Dayspring and explained how the valuable EITC/OSTC program is to families who attend their school.

“This program is really vital to Dayspring; it’s vital to our families; it’s vital to all of the Christian schools and the private schools in Lancaster County that continue to grow and continue to allow families to have a different option.”

Watch Joanne’s full-length talk here.

Anthony Barr

Anthony Barr is a homeschool graduate and public relations assistant at Demme Learning. In his talk, Anthony describes what it was like as a homeschooler, and offers some points about the merits of homeschooling.


Watch Anthony’s full-length talk here.

Aimee Spencer

Aimee Spencer is the marketing manager at Demme Learning and is a mother of three. Aimee talks about her personal experiences with educating her children, and all of the educational options that her family explored.

“The responsibility of the parent is to know their child and know the options and be willing to step outside the traditional path or outside their comfort zone to best meet their child’s needs.”

Watch Aimee’s full-length talk here.

About Joseph Demme

Joseph Demme is an Online Marketing Specialist at Demme Learning. Joseph has a B.A. in Communications: Film & Technology from Bryan College and currently lives in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with his wife and two daughters.

2 thoughts on “2015 #TrustParents Rally

  1. Bobo

    You have some “good stuff” here. Way to go! We need to see more things like this produced by people who understand the value and goodness of parent-led home-based education. –Bobo way out West

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