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Why We Do What We Do

We have the wonderful privilege of talking with thousands of Demme Learning families, students, and instructors.

Homeschool convention season is upon us, and we at Demme Learning are quite busy going to and from shows all over the United States. 

As our team of curriculum experts and support staff set up and tear down our show displays in one state after another, we have the wonderful privilege of talking with thousands of Demme Learning families, students, and instructors. It is a true honor to hear one story after another about the impact that our teaching methods and educational philosophy have upon the life of real people.

In Greenville, South Carolina, I had an inspiring conversation with a mother who, in my opinion, deserves an award. I listened to her describe the custom-crafted education she is creating for her learning disabled son. Although facing challenges with both dyslexia and dyscalculia, her son is making great strides in learning math with the help of Math-U-See and her own ingenious methods of teaching. As the father of a son with autism spectrum challenges, I could relate to this family’s motivation for finding a personalized path towards education for their child. It was so encouraging to know that Math-U-See was walking alongside them on this journey.

John Blowers helps a customer in Greenville, South Carolina.

At one show after another, our team is presented with similar stories detailing the impact Math-U-See & Spelling You See is having on the education of children around the world. It is just such stories that solidify in our hearts and actions why we do what we do: we care about people who are in need of innovative and custom-crafted educational solutions. Like our founder Steve Demme, we seek to design unique teaching methods and share them with real people who have real needs in teaching their children.

We hope to see you and hear of your unique needs at a convention this year.

This blog post was originally written for the Math-U-See newsletter by John Blowers, the Director of Business Development at Demme Learning.

At the Demme Learning booth, you will receive personalized, individual attention by someone who really knows and is passionate about the material, not just someone hired for the day. We’ll see you there!

About Demme Learning

Demme Learning is an independent family-owned and operated publishing company. Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Demme Learning has been providing innovative learning solutions for homeschoolers, parents and small group learning environments since 1990.

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