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Redeeming Your Downloadable Product Code

If you’ve been given an access code for a downloadable product, follow the steps below to redeem.

NOTE: To redeem your access code, you will need to log in with your Demme Learning account, or create a free account if you don’t have one.

1) Go to the Writeshop Downloadable Product Page.

2) Choose the downloadable product(s) you purchased, and click “Add to Cart.” You will see a confirmation that the Downloadable product(s) has been added to your cart. If you are redeeming multiple codes, add all your downloadable products to the cart.

3) Click “Go to Checkout.”

4) In the “Order Review” section, click “Add a Code.”

5) Enter your downloadable product code and click “Apply Discount.” This will take your total for your downloadable product to zero. You will need to enter each code individually.

6) Complete the secure checkout process. If your balance is zero, you will not be required to enter a payment method. (The downloadable product codes only apply to the downloadable product you’ve purchased. If you purchase additional items, your balance will not be zero.)

7) Once you have successfully completed the Secure Checkout, you can access your downloadable product via your Demme Learning Order Confirmation email or directly within your Demme Learning account. For more information on how to use both of those options, please visit this article.

My purchase did not come with a downloadable product access code. How do I access the downloadable product?

If you purchased directly from or your purchase did not come with an access code, please check your account page under the “My Downloadable Products”. Access to your purchased downloadable product should have automatically been added to your account. For more information accessing your downloadable items, please see this article.

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