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Free Math Facts Songs & Activities

Download free songs, activities, coloring pages, and more to help your students learn math facts!

At Math-U-See, we believe that students should not just be taught how to do math, but also the why behind it. But that doesn’t mean that memorizing facts and formulas has no value; having math facts available on demand frees students to focus on new concepts and skills. Mastering addition facts is a critical part of becoming a confident math student, while skip counting is an important skill to aid in learning multiplication facts.

Rote memorization and repetitive drilling might work, but how dull and dry! Memorizing can be a lot more fun and effective with the simple inclusion of music and game. How many of us remember Three Is A Magic Number, My Hero, Zero, or other Schoolhouse Rock hits and can still sing them word for word?

Free Math Facts Songs & Activities

With the goal of memorization in mind, we’ve taken the Addition Facts and Skip Counting songs from our Skip Count & Addition Facts CD & Songbook and made them available right here for free.

Information that is stored in the brain in song format is retrieved the same way it was entered; don’t be surprised if your student sings through an entire song to get to the fact they need. (A little math karaoke never hurt anyone!) We also included the printable coloring pages and sheet music for each set of facts.

Then we thought, “Why stop there? Who doesn’t love learning disguised as a game?” So our magnificent Curriculum Development team put on their play clothes and came up with games and activities to provide hands-on practice and learning through play. (Remember what I said about the why? behind the how? This is where that comes in.) Addition Facts activities are for specific math facts, while Skip Count activities can be used with any fact set.

Enjoy these fun ways to help build a strong math foundation for your lifelong learner!

✔️ 15 songs.
✔️ 12 coloring pages.
✔️ 8 activities.

$25 value.


“Thank you so much for these tools! I was feeling so lost!! I really really appreciate you guys taking the time to post this!” – Tabitha

To access your free math facts practice tools, please provide the following information.

About Demme Learning

Demme Learning is an independent family-owned and operated publishing company. Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Demme Learning has been providing innovative learning solutions for homeschoolers, parents and small group learning environments since 1990.

32 thoughts on “Free Math Facts Songs & Activities

  1. Beverly Thompson

    Thanks for the help homeschool is hard as a single parent
    You just brightened my day Jesus Bless you.

  2. Tabitha Bratcher

    Thank you so much for these tools! I was feeling so lost!! I really really appreciate you guys taking the time to post this!

  3. Joseph Demme

    Hi Danielle! There’s a button on the right that you can click to get the download option. It looks like three dots.

    1. Laura

      I am on a mobile device (iPhone) viewing this page after submitting my info for the free music resources and I also do not see an option to download the songs. I bought the Universal Primer Kit to use this year and my child and I are both enjoying the curriculum. I would like to be able to download these songs on my iPhone to play at home and on the go. Thank you for any help you can provide!

  4. Marie

    THANK YOU!❤️ Learning by music is well known to help with memorization. Wish I had known that and had this resource available growing up – ESPECIALLY with math!

  5. Val

    We are also using the Primer kit and I would love to easily download these to my phone. I would be very willing to pay to have this put into a more user-friendly package instead of downloading each individual item (busy mom of four and all!). These songs are awesome!!! Thank you!!!!!

  6. Allyson Cartwright

    My son was struggling to remember addition facts, so glad I found this! He’s already able to recall them after just a couple of times singing these!

  7. Jenny

    I’m so excited to find these resources! Would love to know how to download! I read in the comments that there should be a download button? For some reason I can’t see it on my computer. Is it specific to a certain browser? I’m using Safari and don’t see an option to download. Thank you!

  8. Chardell Novotny

    I have always loved Math-U-See! We Homeschooled our 7 children over 30 years using Math-U-See! The second generation is using it too!

  9. lara

    thanks for this…i was looking for some skip counting songs to help my little guy…so pleased to have found this gift…

  10. Kathy Bowman

    Thank you so much for these wonderful activities for math. I have 3 students with learning issues and they are no longer frustrated with math. This information has given me a way to teach them in a way they can understand math and not feel frustrated.

  11. Vivian Andrews-Burke

    As a classroom teacher, I have learned from experience that learning math facts with a song often results in answers not being retrieved until the song is sung. I watched my daughter in the grocery store singing and when asked what she was doing, she replied she was trying to sing the answer! Just something to think about. Automaticity becomes so very important later on-way before being 18 and shopping!

  12. Crystal

    Thank you for the freebies! I was able to download the printables, but not the skip counting songs. I get the message: Failed – Network Error.


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