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2016 #TrustParents Rally

#TrustParents Rally

You don’t realize how small your office building is until you invite all the local homeschool families you know, and lots of helpful education experts. That’s when you assign someone to refill the coffee, another person to refill paper towels, and another person to carry folding stools anywhere the crowd gathers.

On January 28th of this year, we at Demme Learning filled our office and warehouse space with friends from the tri-state area to talk about what school choice meant to them, and to say to all you parents, “you know what’s best for your child! Don’t settle for a poor education!”

If you missed out on the #TrustParents Rally on that cold morning, you can find the speakers’ talks below.

Ethan Demme

Ethan Demme (Demme Learning) encourages educators of all stripes to teach students how to make a living, and how to live.

Dan Beasley

Dan Beasley (HLSDA) explains the legal supports available for homeschoolers.

Brandon Detweiler

Brandon Detweiler (Veritas Press) tells how his parents struck out on their own to fill in a gap in education.

Ben Kafferlin

Ben Kafferlin (Kafferlin Strategies) explains how innovative legislation can free parents to make the best choices for their students.

Keith and Courtney Dunlap

Keith and Courtney Dunlap (CHALC) encourage parents to look beyond themselves for support in homeschooling. They also share a story about their own experiences as educators.

Ginger Wayde

Ginger Wayde (CHAP) shares a Christian perspective on supporting homeschooling.

The #TrustParents Rally was just the beginning of the day, though! Some of the same speakers participated in panel discussions, along with some new faces. Together they took audience questions, told stories, and shared candidly about their educational journeys.

The panel discussions made for a more personal and encouraging time for the parents and educators in the room. But the best parts of the day were those one-on-one conversations at the booths and at tables. While their kids hunted all over the building for Math-U-See blocks to complete a scavenger hunt, parents and other educators held cups of coffee discussing how to teach multiple grades at once, how to teach students with special needs, how to make their voices heard in legislation, and everything else people need to discuss when they’re looking for new ways to do things.

Kids having fun with Math-U-See blocks at the 2016 #TrustParents Rally.

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