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Homeschool Burnout Guide

Homeschool burnout isn't pretty, and no one is immune to it. Keep reading for some tried-and-true tips to help you beat homeschool burnout.

Homeschool burnout isn’t pretty, and no one is immune to it. Keep reading for some tried-and-true tips to help you beat homeschool burnout.

We have all been there at one time or another. The school year kicks off, and we hit the ground running.

We did our research and placed our curriculum orders; we crack open fresh books and are excited about what we are going to accomplish with our children’s education as we start another school year.

Sometimes, though, in the midst of the schooling groove, life happens:

• You get pregnant and can barely keep crackers down.
• Your toddler has a medical issue that throws the family for a loop.
• You have to move because your husband lost his job.
• Your student is diagnosed with dyslexia.
• You have an aging parent move in.
• Your child that you love more than life itself becomes a hormonal teen.

These are just a few examples of the many challenges that can surface during your homeschool journey.

Homeschool burnout can hit all of us at times and in certain seasons as we homeschool our children. Don’t panic; there’s good news! Homeschool burnout isn’t permanent and can actually cause you to reevaluate everything from your curriculum to your sanity. It is something that you and your students can overcome. I hope that the following tips are helpful.

7 Homeschool Burnout Tips

Don’t Stress

Our students can often pick up on our stress and frustration. Make sure you are taking time for you! Get up early and drink your coffee in the peace and quiet before the day begins. Make sure you eat breakfast; it is, after all, the most important meal of the day and helps you beat being “hangry” and that all-too-common brain fog.

Keep Organized

Implement some simple organization to help you keep things on track. Assign each child a shelf or specific space for their books so that you aren’t spending precious time looking for missing workbooks or where a child left a DVD when you need to be doing school.

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Meal Plan

Create a simple meal plan for the week so that you don’t have to stress over meals. Let your children help you prepare and clean up after meals so that it is a team effort.

Maximize Naptime

If you have younger children, babies, or toddlers, they can distract from older children being able to have your one-on-one attention. Make sure you are maximizing a nap time or quiet time for the littles so you can focus on what your older children need your help with (and if you can manage a nap for yourself, go for it!).

Plan a FUN Field Trip

Routine can get boring, and it is always a great idea to occasionally plan a fun field trip. It doesn’t have to be expensive or far away to bring a fun change to your usual routine.

Consider Year-Round Schooling

If you have several children all at different levels and work part or full time, consider year-round schooling. This can often allow you to take short, regular breaks when life gets in the way but still maintain a schedule and not get behind in your studies. It can often be overwhelming to come back after a long summer break and feel the need to do a lot of review; year-round schooling can help with both of those issues.

Stick to the Basics!

It is easy to get tempted by the plethora of curricula available, and a host of other activities (drama, music, sports, co-ops, etc.). Do what is important to you, but don’t get overwhelmed by a host of outside activities that can detract from the basics.


That’s the number of hours you receive each year when you make the choice to homeschool your child. You get to choose how those hours are spent by both you and your student. Talk about a major life impact. I can’t stress to you enough how worthy this calling is. So grab another cup of coffee to make it through the mid-afternoon slump and keep on making a difference!

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