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Multiplication Demonstration for Homeschoolers

Watch as Steve Demme covers ways to teach your child math with this multiplication demonstration. Too many people go through life memorizing mathematical facts and formulas, but not really understanding how to use math in real-life situations. In this multiplication video, Steve covers ways to teach your child multiplication skills that he can apply throughout his homeschool years and in real life. Even better, he provides ways to make learning math fun.

If you’ve ever watched a child struggle with math, you know that memorization of key concepts isn’t enough. Most children can memorize well enough to pass a test or get through a school week on a particular concept. The problem comes when they are asked to apply their skills to different types of math problems–or even the same type of problem, once the memory has faded a bit. Children need true understanding in order to master multiplication and apply it in homeschooling and throughout life. Steve uses his unique, step-by-step home education method to help children move from memorization to thinking their way through math.

Multiplication Demonstration

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