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25 Homeschool Convention Tips from Bloggers

Experienced and new homeschoolers can find nuggets of homeschool convention tips from this list we pulled together.

If you need evidence that homeschooling is a viable option for education, simply take a look at the number of conventions, conferences, and expos that are held each year to support it. If we at Demme Learning had the resources, we could be busy just about every single weekend of the year at regional, state,…
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Online Homeschool Conventions (2020)

There are several online homeschool conventions that you can attend in 2020.

There are several online homeschool conventions that you can attend in 2020. If we are missing a convention, please comment below with a link. 😀 Online Homeschool Conventions in 2020 Homebound Online Conference Date March 23-27, 2020 Description We invite you to join us and our friends for a FREE Online Homeschool and “Suddenly-at-Home” School…
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2020 Homeschool Convention Guide [Coronavirus Update]

Attending a homeschool convention can be a challenge. This guide is offered to help you become the victorious conqueror of the homeschool convention.

In the early days of homeschooling, parents had to order from catalogs or go to a homeschool convention to purchase materials. For encouragement, they depended on co-ops and support groups. Now, online ordering and social media have made homeschooling much more convenient. However, there are still some really great reasons that homeschoolers should attend their…
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Math Mastery and Accelerated Individualized Mastery (AIM)

AIM equips the instructor to assess for math mastery and assure students are ready to move onto the next concept.

I recently spoke to a mother about the current struggles her child is facing with his math education. She told me, I’m fed up; I’m not sure if my son is being lazy or if he just doesn’t care. He keeps making careless mistakes by forgetting steps or forgetting to add the number he carried.…
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Free Homeschool Activities to Do During a Quarantine

We have been helping parents teach their children at home for over 30 years and have some free resources that will help if you're in a quarantine situation.

Across the United States and around the world schools are closing their doors to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. CNN writes how ‘regular school’ parents can homeschool their kids, saying, “The most important caveat about temporary homeschooling is that it simply isn’t school.” Forbes Magazine calls it “The World’s Homeschooling Moment” and shares this…
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Homeschooling Suddenly Due to Coronavirus

If you’re planning on homeschooling short-term due to coronavirus, we’ve collected our best blog posts to help you learn how to start homeschooling quickly.

Homeschooling & Coronavirus According to a recent article from CNN, “Around 180 million students across Hong Kong and mainland China have been schooling from home.” The earliest that traditional schooling will restart is in late April at the earliest. With the coronavirus outbreak continuing to spread, and several schools already closed, we may see something…
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Questions to Ask If You’re Struggling with Teaching Math

If you're struggling with teaching math, you may relate to the questions in this blog post.

When I get something and there are instructions, I give it a quick look and I decide if I need to read them. If it looks pretty clear to me, I’ll skip them or skim them. When I was teaching the Math-U-See program in my home, some of the instructions were missed or forgotten in…
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Accelerated Individualized Mastery (AIM) Questions & Answers

Math-U-See will soon be introducing AIM (Accelerated Individualized Mastery), a short-term "fill in the gaps" program for older students who could benefit from additional support in fundamental skills.

Do you have a student who’s tried just about everything to get those math facts memorized and nothing seems to work? We’re here to share with you an exciting new product that might just make the difference. This product is especially designed for an older student who has not yet mastered their addition and subtraction…
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Consistency is Key in Math and Spelling

I think we fail to recognize the value of consistency in our time with our children when we are teaching them math and spelling.

I think we fail to recognize the value of consistency in our time with our children. Too often, we find ourselves as homeschool parents having to flex when something unexpected happens. My children would tell you my favorite phrase was “Flexibility is the sign of intelligence.” There were days when we were so “intelligent” that…
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When AIM is the Right Choice

AIM is a tremendous collaboration between the staff of Math-U-See and those parents who thought their children would never memorize math facts.

At Math-U-See, we often see students who struggle mathematically. The roots of those struggles are sometimes a mystery to educators and parents alike. Over the past couple of years, I have conferred with over one hundred parents who have said things like, “Well, she is just not mathematically inclined,” or “He does not have a…
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