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Algebra 1: Principles of Secondary Mathematics has been designed to easily fit into the rhythm of your educational journey. These guidelines show how you could work a lesson into your weekly schedule.

Things to remember:

  • Math is learned sequentially, so it’s essential to build the foundation before moving to the next lesson or concept.
  • The program is designed to be student-paced and is flexible to allow students the time to process what they are learning.
  • No lesson was designed to be completed in one day.
  • Your student should not expect to know everything about the lesson on day one, and making mistakes is ok!
  • As you and your students move through the course, you’ll find the right pace. During some lessons, your student may achieve mastery quickly; in other lessons, they may need more guidance and practice. Each lesson does not need to take the same amount of time.

What does a week look like?

The goal for each lesson is that students are able to master Part A and Part B by completing, at minimum:

  • Explore section: guided notes, examples problems, and Checkpoints
  • Practice 1
  • Mastery Check(s)

How much time should we spend on Algebra 1: Principles of Secondary Mathematics each day?

Our Algebra 1: Principles of Secondary Mathematics pilot families averaged 30–45 minutes per day working on their math. They also spent an average of 4–6 days on a lesson.
Things to remember when planning how much time to spend on math each day:

  • Be mindful of your student’s limits and take breaks when needed. Students can lose focus if they are asked to stay actively engaged with a topic for an extended period of time. Taking a 20-minute break can be a good way to keep them from losing focus.
  • Each lesson has two practice parts. For some lessons your student will use both of these practices, and in others, they may only need the Practice 1 problems. Remember the goal is mastery, not to complete all the problems.
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