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Do Demme Learning Products Follow State Standards?

Are Demme Learning products teaching exactly what the U.S. Government, any state government, or any other entity is telling them to teach? 

Examples: Common Core State Standards, NCTM Standards, Florida’s Benchmarks for Excellent Student Thinking (B.E.S.T.), Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), Ohio’s Learning Standards for English Language Arts. 

No, we are not doing what anyone is telling us to do, and none of our products line up perfectly with any set of standards—and that’s okay with us! Our most important consideration is what our customers are asking us to do. In some cases, what we are developing will add new topics that are required by state standards, but this is a result of changes in expectations from math programs, our desire to teach more topics, or direct requests from customers. 

1. We want to teach more statistics at our secondary math levels. This happens to coincide with changes that have been made to many state standards, but we want to expand our teaching about statistics regardless of what those state standards are.

2. Many customers have asked us to cover more college and career expectations for high school math. This has required us to examine what colleges and universities are expecting high school graduates to know and create objectives that will meet more of those expectations.

Does Demme Learning endorse any state education policy or the decisions of state departments of education and local school districts to implement standards or standards-based tests?

No, we do not endorse any of these political positions. Demme Learning is committed to helping families build lifelong learners, and we develop learning products that build understanding and mastery.   

Does Demme Learning follow educational methodologies that are associated with or developed for use with state standards?

We evaluate each new idea or methodology on its own merits. If it’s a good idea, we will work to incorporate it into our products. If it’s not the best fit for our objectives or will not add value to our customers, we will not use it.

Do Demme Learning products help prepare students for a career, college, and college entrance exams?

Yes, many customers have found success in college after using our products, and our goal is to continue to develop products that help prepare students for college and careers. 

Do Demme Learning products cover 100% of the topics that are required for public schools in a particular state?

No, topics are not covered 100%, but in some cases, the percentage is higher than others. We are working on providing documentation to show where we correlate. You can find the documents we do have here.

Does Algebra 1: Principles of Secondary Mathematics correlate to any specific set of standards? 

Algebra 1: Principles of Secondary Mathematics is based on standards that parents have said they want to see for a high school Algebra 1 course, college entrance requirements, and career readiness standards.

We examined many documents to determine how to meet those objectives. Some of the documents we referenced were different state standards from all over the country. We then developed our course based on the information we gleaned from that research. The result is a course that closely aligns with many state standards—though none are 100% in alignment. We are working on documents that will show the exact correlation based on each state’s specific set of standards. We will place that link here once those documents are ready.

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