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Playing your Analytical Grammar DVDs

The discs that accompany Analytical Grammar, Junior Analytical Grammar, and Junior Analytical Grammar Mechanics contain videos only. They have been formatted as standard video DVDs and can be played in a DVD player or by using a software application. We suggest using these DVDs in a DVD player.

Playing DVDs on your computer

When using a computer to watch the DVDs, you may need to select or download a different media player for the videos to play properly.

Two options that have been successfully used by other customers are PowerDVD software or VLC media player, which can be downloaded at (Please note: These are third-party websites and Demme Learning is not responsible for the content.)

Using the VLC media player, customers have found that if you click on “open disc” in the media drop down menu, you can then select which chapter you want the DVD to start from. For example, if you select “Chapter 1” then press the play button, it goes straight to the lesson and begins playing.

(Please note: this article contains third-party website links and Demme Learning is not responsible for the content.)

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