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How to Use the Digital Toolbox

Purchasing a Digital Pack provides lifetime online access to the instructional components of that specific Math-U-See curriculum and/or Accelerated Individualized Mastery (AIM) levels. 

That means you can access the same video lessons that are on the DVDs and the same written lesson instructions and solutions that are included in the Math-U-See Instruction Manuals for the level(s) you purchased. If you purchased an AIM Complete Set, the Digital Pack will provide you access to the video lessons, the AIM for Success videos, the written lessons, assessments, extra fact-check cards, and optional activities.

This tour video will walk you through using the Digital Toolbox on a desktop or laptop computer.

Where is the Digital Toolbox?

You can reach the Demme Learning Digital Toolbox by navigating to  We suggest that you bookmark the link for easy access later.

Another way to quickly access the Digital Toolbox is directly from You can find links to the Digital Toolbox on on your account page.

Use the Sign in button in the upper right to log in to your account using your email address and password.

Once logged in, you’ll see a link to the Digital Toolbox on your dashboard, as well as a link on the left navigation menu.

Accessing the Math-U-See Curriculum Levels

1. Open and log in to the Digital Toolbox using the email address that was used to purchase your Digital Packs. 

2. From the left navigation menu, select “My Digital Packs.”

3. Select the level you would like to view.

4. Once you select the level, you will begin on the lesson introduction.  From here you can navigate to different lessons using the left navigation menu.

5. When you click on any lesson, you will be able to access the additional options for that level.

For Math-U-See Curriculum levels:

  • Lesson Instruction—digital version of the Instructor Manual pages
  • The Solutions tab has the solutions to the G: Application and Enrichment pages (or Honors pages for upper levels), the Unit Tests, and the Final Test
  • The Glossary, Indexes, Tables tab includes the levels objectives checklist, Record Keeping Sheet, table of contents, glossaries, and indexes
  • The Resources tab includes various resources for your level, such as fact sheets, a “how to use” PDF, graph paper, and an explanation of the Math-U-See approach

For AIM levels:

  • Fact Check cards and word problems
  • The Solutions tab has digital version of the Resource Guide and solutions pages
  • The Activities tab include the Build, Write, Say PDF, Fast Fact Check-Ins, and review activities
  • The Resources tab include fact mastery charts

A free account provides access to the first three lessons of each level. If a level does not appear in the “My Digital Pack” section, your purchased Digital Pack may not have been added to your Digital Toolbox account. Click here to learn how to redeem a Digital Pack access code or contact us for support. 

If you purchased directly from, confirm that you are logged in using the same email address that was used to purchase the Digital Pack. If you need additional help, please contact us.

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