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Want to know how to keep track of your student’s progress as they use the Digital Toolbox? You have several tools for monitoring progress within your Instructor Account.

The Instructor Account Dashboard gives you a quick summary of your student’s progress by displaying the three most recent lessons accessed. 

You can view a more detailed account of your student’s progress by clicking on the “View Student’s Progress” button in the top right corner of their student summary section.

Here, you can see all of the Digital Packs that have been assigned to your student. 

Click on the name of the Digital Pack you’d like to view. Here you’ll see:

  • The list of each lesson and the video(s) for that lesson 
  • Progress mark
    • No mark means the videos have not been viewed yet
    • A yellow circle indicates the video was started but not finished
    • A green check mark means the video has been played all the way through
  • Date of last access

To prevent your student from jumping ahead, you can adjust their account settings so they can only access the current and previous lesson in their assigned Digital Pack level. To do this:

  1. Go to your Instructor Account Dashboard
  2. Click “Edit Account” next to your student’s name
  3. Scroll down to the section titled “Assign a Digital Pack to Your Student and Options”
  4. On the right side, switch the navigation slider “On” so that your student can’t freely navigate between all lessons (the default setting).

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