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School Student Accounts

*Please note that this article is for School Digital Toolbox users. If you are a homeschooler click here for instructions on how to set up a student account.

Create a new Student Account

School administrator accounts and Teacher accounts can create a student account. When setting up a student account you will need to assign the account a username and password. The username for a student account can not be an email address. You will need to pass along the username and password to your student once their account is created.

1) After logging into the Demme Learning Digital Toolbox, begin at your dashboard.

2) Click on the Account tab in the left panel.

3) Choose the type of user you want to create and click on the + Add Student 

4) Fill in the required fields.

Note: Student accounts require a username and a password. Student usernames can not be email addresses. 

5) Click the Create Student button.

How can I update a Student’s account information?

1) Begin at your dashboard and scroll to the Student section within your dashboard.

2) Click on the student’s name.

3) Click the edit button.

4) Update the account information and click Update.

How can I change a password for a student account?

Student account passwords can be changed by an Administrator account or by a Teacher account.  Student accounts can not change their own passwords and can not use the “Forgot My Password” link on the login page.

1) Begin at your dashboard and scroll to the Student section.

2) Click on the student’s name. 

3) Click the Edit button. 

4) Edit the password fields and click update.

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