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I’ve purchased a set, but when I look at my order in my account dashboard it lists several different products.

As part of our store update on July 26th, 2023 we needed to reconfigure our sets differently. This new configuration helps our fulfillment team easily pull each piece of the set for your order and ensure accuracy. 

The product components that are included the Universal Sets, Level Up Sets, Level Up Base Sets, Instructor Packs, and Student Packs have not changed.

Am I being charged for all of these products? What am I seeing on my account dashboard order?

We have created our sets as a convenient way to get all the materials you need. Purchasing a set allows you to take advantage of discounted set pricing. 

Because of our new system, orders in your customer account dashboard will display all items that are included in the set you’ve purchased as well as the price of each item if it were to be purchased individually. 

You will see each individual item discounted to zero along with a set ID. This ID is for our fulfillment team’s use and does not affect your order. 

Rest assured that the amount charged is the price of the set which you’ve purchased, not the sum of all the individual pieces.

What happens if I choose the wrong set and I have items I don’t need?

Our customer service team is happy to assist you in beginning the return process. 

It is important to note because items in a set were purchased originally with the discounted set pricing,  items that you return from a set will be refunded for the set discounted price, not the pricing amount of an item that was purchased individually. 
You can reference our return and exchange policy for more details about returning items.

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