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Math-U-See Curriculum Student Workbooks

What are the pages in the Math-U-See Student Workbook?

Lesson Practice pages
Lesson Practice pages contain problems focused on the new concept. The new concept should have been introduced through our Build, Write, Say method prior to the student beginning these worksheets. These worksheets allow students to practice the new concept as they work towards mastery. Instructors should provide guidance and support and may need to model the concept to help students gain confidence. 

Systematic Review pages
Systematic Review Pages contain problems that review the new concept and provide practice and integration the previously mastered concepts.

Application and Enrichment pages
This page allows students to apply their knowledge in different ways. They are optional, and instructors are able to decide to what degree they are used. The additional activities allow students to apply their understanding of the main concepts being taught in the lesson.

Honors Application pages (included in upper levels)
These pages are in levels Pre-Algebra through Calculus and are designed to provide the same optional additional practice as the Application and Enrichment Pages in the Greek letter levels.

What is the page at the beginning of the student workbook for? 

The Record Keeping sheets (included in Alpha through Pre-Algebra levels) may be used to record the dates when the pages were completed or for the scores of each assignment. To find a generic Record-Keeping sheet to be used for any level, click here.

Do we need to do all the lesson pages?

The Math-U-See Curriculum is designed to adapt to the needs of each student, so there is no requirement for students to finish all of a lesson’s pages. Students should complete as many as needed to gain proficiency and confidently show mastery of the new concept. 

For some lessons, your student may only need one Lesson Practice page and one Systematic Review page. For others, you may find that your student needs all pages and/or additional practice. 

If additional practice is needed, you may be able to use the Worksheet Generator found in the Digital Toolbox. You can create extra worksheets for the Alpha through Pre-Algebra levels. The worksheet generator will only produce computational problems, not word problems.

To learn more about using the Worksheet Generator, click here.

If my student completes the Honors pages, does that mean they have completed an honors course?

Completing the Honors Application pages does not meet the requirements of a high school “Honors” level course. Even if a student completes all of these pages, the designation “Honors” cannot be added to the course descriptions on the student’s transcript.

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