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We’ve put together this chart highlighting the key features of both Algebra 1 courses for a clear side-by-side comparison.

Things to keep in mind as you decide which Algebra 1 would work best for you:

  • Math is best learned sequentially. Therefore, there are some concepts that your student should master prior to entering into any algebra course.
  • Algebra is often the level that exposes gaps in mastery. These should be addressed to avoid frustration for both students and instructors.
  • Students have had success with Algebra 1: Legacy for many years, and students that have participated in our pilot program have had success with Algebra 1: Principles of Secondary Mathematics.
  • Both algebra options incorporate the principles of Math-U-See that instructors and students have appreciated for years.

We assure you that you do not need to be an algebra expert in order for you and your student to find success.

How to Choose the Best Fit

To help guide you in your decision, here are some suggested actions:

  • Look at the key differences comparison chart above.
  • Review the sample materials on each product page linked below.
  • Review the scope and sequence on each product page linked below.
  • Download the Algebra 1: Principles of Secondary Mathematics Readiness Check and Bridge Materials to check if your student is ready for the course.

Check out the product pages for Algebra 1: Principles of Secondary Mathematics and Algebra 1: Legacy.

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