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How do I create a student account?

Although you don’t have to create a student account, having one for your student allows you to track their progress, give them access to solutions, and limit their level access. 

To set up a new student account, go to and enter your instructor account information. Then, complete the following steps:

  1. On the instructor account home dashboard, click the “+New Student” button located in the upper right corner of the page.

  2. Enter a username, student name, and password. The student’s name is used for display purposes in the instructor account dashboard. The username and password entered here are what your student will use to log in to their account.

    Note: The your student’s username will need to be unique in our system and cant be an email address. You will be alerted if your chosen username is available or already taken.

  3. Assign a Digital Pack to your student’s account.
    1. a) In the “Assign Purchased Digital Packs” section, use the drop-down arrow beside “Select Digital Pack.” Click the Digital Pack to be assigned.
    2. b) If you want the student to have access to solutions for this Digital Pack, click the left slider so it says “On” and is green. By default, an instructor password is required to access the solutions files in the student’s account.
    3. c) If you want to limit student navigation to the current and previous lessons for this Digital Pack, click the right slider so it says “On” and is green. By default, students can navigate to all lessons in their assigned Digital Packs.
    4. d) Click “Assign Digital Pack.”

    5. e) Repeat this process for each Digital Pack you’d like to assign to the student.
  4. Once you finish assigning, click “Create Student.” Your student’s name will appear on your instructor account dashboard. This area will appear empty until there’s progress to display.

Repeat this process for each student. At this time, there’s no limit on the number of student accounts that you can set up as an instructor.

Student progress will appear in the parent dashboard once the student finishes watching their first video.

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