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Digital Manipulative App FAQs

Why would I need both the physical and digital manipulatives app? Can’t I use the app for everything?

The physical manipulatives are an integral part of the Math-U-See instructional method and have helped students be successful in math for years. Digital manipulatives have the added advantage of being convenient when on the go and helpful in building large problems. We recommend that the digital manipulatives be used as an additional tool to enhance instruction. 

Educational researchers are still evaluating the use of digital manipulatives in math instruction; we will continue to follow this research in our efforts to provide the best quality products, both physical and digital.

How can I rotate the Manipulatives?

Android and iPad apps: This action requires two points of contact (two fingers); it cannot be performed with only one finger or one stylus. The first point of contact (finger) must be on the manipulative. The second point of contact (finger) must be dragged across the screen in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.

How can I show color on the fraction manipulatives?

Tap or click any section of the overlay once to make color appear; tap it again to make the color disappear. (If the user is having trouble it may be because they are double-tapping or tapping too quickly for their tablet to recognize it.)

How can I combine fraction manipulatives?

Rotate one of the overlays, as described above, so that the lines inside are running horizontally instead of vertically. Place it over the second overlay, and the two will be joined into a single piece.

How can I separate fraction manipulatives? What is the button next to the question mark?

The fraction-separating tool is located directly to the left of the Help button (question mark icon). Tap or click on this tool, and a blue outline will appear. Tap or click on the overlays, and they will separate.

Where can I find the decimal manipulatives?

There are two ways to access the decimal mode. When you zoom in completely in the block mode, a prompt will appear to clear the manipulatives and switch to decimal mode. You can tap or click on the icon that shows a magnifying glass with .1 inside.

General Note:

Tapping on a tablet is equivalent to left-clicking in the web app.

If you are using the app, you can click or tap on the question mark for an explanation of the functions of the app and how to move and position the manipulatives.

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