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Math-U-See Tests

Are Math-U-See Tests Necessary?  

The Math-U-See Curriculum lesson and unit tests may not be what you traditionally think testing is used for (grades). The tests were designed to be a tool to help to determine mastery. They should be used after your student has done the encouraged teach-back process outlined in Step 3 in the Four-Step Math-U-See Approach

Some students and instructors struggle with the word “tests.” These test pages can also be used as extra worksheets or a review page before moving on. The point of the test is not to get all the answers correct but to evaluate your student’s needs so that you can guide them in the right direction. If you choose not to use the tests, you may be missing a great opportunity to see if your student fully understands and has mastered the concepts taught. 

Administering the tests:

Since the overall goal of the tests is to determine mastery, students should not use the manipulatives during the tests unless a problem specifically gives instructions to do so. 

Instructors are welcome to observe while your student tests; we encourage you not to provide support or prompt the student during the test. This is a gauge of what they have mastered during the lesson. 

If you observe your student struggling with or taking a long time to complete the test, please stop them. Take some time to review the concept by:

  • Re-watching the DVD and going back through the Build, Write, Say method
  • Print some extra practice sheets from the Worksheet Generator found in your digital toolbox to provide further practice 

After reviewing, go back to the test when mastery is achieved. The time a student will spend testing will vary a little based on the level. Anticipate approximately 10-30 minutes for the younger levels and approximately 25-45 minutes for the upper levels.  

Lesson and Unit Tests will be a valuable resource and tool for you to utilize with your students.

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