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Tips and Next Steps for Accelerated Individualized Mastery (AIM) for Addition and Subtraction

Accelerated Individualized Mastery (AIM) for Addition and Subtraction is a truly powerful program, but it does require some work on your part to get into the groove of changing an ineffective habit. Here are some tips many have found to be extremely helpful. 

For those of you who are just completing AIM, your next steps will vary, depending on the student’s age and individual needs. Think about the goals you have for your student and explore options that will allow you to continue building on your success with AIM. If you are continuing with a Math-U-See product, return to the Placement Tool with your student’s newly acquired skills and retake the placement to see what level your student is now ready for:

Click here to Contact a Placement Specialist if you still have questions.

AIM for Success videos

Whether you are mid-way through AIM or just beginning, make sure to watch the AIM for Success videos. These videos were specifically designed to help you get started and guide you through the AIM program. The AIM for Success videos can be found in your Digital Pack.

Quick Reference

As you go through the Resource Guide, remember that pages 14–19 give you an outline of what you can expect from each lesson. Paperclip or mark those pages and return to them if you have questions.

After Lesson 4:

As you and your student progress through the AIM for Addition and Subtraction program, reinforcement of what you have learned is important. 

There are many resources in the Digital Toolbox for your students to continue to practice the facts they have successfully mastered. Continuing to rehearse with those facts outside of the 15 minutes of AIM for Addition and Subtraction application will maintain your student’s proficiencies as they complete the program.

Individual Support is Available:

Remember, if progress at any point is not what you think it should be, we suggest you reach out to our Customer Success Team. We want you and your student to be successful, and sometimes a ten-minute conversation will help you move forward more successfully and confidently. 

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